€1,300 MPO Main Event

Moutki Shoves on Hakim

gaellej • Level 16: Blinds 3,000-6,000, 6,000 ante

Muhammed Hakim raised to 12,000 and got called by Norberto Charuf in the small blind. Bachir Moutki three-bet in the big blind to 55,000 and only Hakim quickly called.

The flop revealed {9-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds}{4-Hearts} and Moutki continued for 30,000, called again by Hakim.

When the {4-Diamonds} landed on the turn, Moutki thought about his move for a minute and shoved for a stack around 130,000. Hakim didn't take long to fold.

Player Chips Progress
Muhammed Hakim ma
Muhammed Hakim
ma 520,000 -60,000
Bachir Moutki MA
Bachir Moutki
MA 210,000 -30,000
Norberto Charuf AR
Norberto Charuf
AR 155,000 -18,000

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