High Roller

Marjanovic Doubles Up Against Frank

poolshir • Level 7: 2,000-4,000, 4,000 ante
Adem Marjanovic

The board read {J-Clubs}{7-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}{A-Diamonds} and Adem Marjanovic had opened to 8,000 from the small blind. Christopher Frank, in the under-the-gun position, raised to 36,000. Marjanovic took some time to think but then decided to shove all-in for the remainder of his chips. He was at risk as Frank had him covered. Frank asked what he said.

"All-in" the dealer explained. Frank snap-called.

Adem Marjanovic: {7-Diamonds}{7-Spades}
Christopher Frank: {A-}{Q-}

Marjanovic had a set of sevens which was better than the pair of aces that Frank had and he doubled up. The dealer counted out the rest of Marjanovic' stack which was 107,000 and Frank counted it out so it could be added to his opponent's stack.

Player Chips Progress
Adem Marjanovic at
Adem Marjanovic
at 280,000
Christopher Frank de
Christopher Frank
de 74,000 12,000

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