Main Event

The Best Birthday Present Ever?

MrPaulSeaton • Level 37: 400,000-800,000, 100,000 ante
Tomas Fara turned 35 today...can he unwrap the Grand Prix trophy later on tonight?

Tomas Fara (pictured) turns 35 today and on his birthday, he's getting close to the final table of the Grand Prix UK Main Event. We thought we'd ask him if this was the ideal thing to be doing on his birthday or if it felt odd.

"It's a bit odd. Sunday is a quiet day though, not much happens on a Sunday so it's a good thing to do instead of celebrating. If I win, I'll be celebrating!"

Tomas lives in Prague, and therefore spends a lot of his time travelling to play poker. That means whenever he pitches up in a tournament, there's got to be a great time waiting for him to compensate for the constant accumulation of air miles.

"I have 16 million chips, which is 20 big blinds and the average is thirty. But there's still a way to go."

Fara has long been a consistent performer on the European circuit. That success will be bolstered by yet another big win here tonight. Can he take it down and win £150,000? We will find out very soon.

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