Main Event

Badgers on Tour

MrPaulSeaton • Level 37: 400,000-800,000, 100,000 ante
Peter Craw in action while his friends hover in the background, ready to cheer him on.

Peter Craw came to Dusk Till Dawn on his own after qualifying for the Grand Prix Main Event online via partypoker's satellites, but he's not on his own at the final table. Watching from the rail are three of Craw's best friends in poker - Ged Ronan, Leon Inman and Dave Moore.

"We're from the Brinsworth Poker League," Inman, a manager in a popular clothes retailer told us. "There are fifteen of us who play. It's £50 a week for 12 months and there are four winners at the end of the year."

Peter Craw steps in to tell us how it was set up.

"The original idea was that we'd all play all year and by the end of the year one of us would win the league and play the WSOP Main Event and everyone else would have a piece of their action."

The question begs asking: where did Craw finish in last year's league. He laughs and so do the others.


"He's never even won that!" chips in Ged Ronan, who is a bookmaker by trade. "I make him 6/4 to win this final though."

The group are known as the Badgers, a group term that is so fondly remembered because no-one has any idea when the name was established. It's just stuck.

"Whatever happens, it's a badger or that player is a badger." explains Moore, who is a courier by trade. All three friends travelled down from Rotherham to watch their pal clean up. "Peter plays a bit more than us, though. He does treat the game a bit more seriously."

"I do play a little more and I qualified for this online." Craw confirmed. Then with that, he's back to the action, the next hand, each one closer to the dream of a major title. He's already guaranteed his best ever live score. He has time to mention one last thing, that would he take third-place money if offered.

"£70,000 is a lot of money but I'd love to go for the win, I really do want the trophy. I know... but it's true."