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Richard King - Life's a Beach

MrPaulSeaton • Level 41: 1,000,000-2,000,000, 300,000 ante
Richard King has already locked up his biggest ever live poker score...can he take down the tournament?

During the break, we caught up with Richard King, who is looking for his first major title by winning this Grand Prix Main Event.

"I've played a lot more online, but obviously this represents my biggest score live. It's tough now, Although [Roberto] Gordonas has played really well, I've noticed him slow down a little in the last level. Jamie Whyte is an incredible player, he's really good heads-up too, so he will definitely want to get there where he'll have an edge."

King isn't just a poker player, he also owns some rather unique property. He almost literally stumbled upon the opportunity over ten years ago now.

"I was backpacking in Cambodia and came across this place called Lazy Beach. It was beautiful and completely unique, but there was no resort. It all happened very quickly. We signed a contract to start building on the area the next day. Now we own a resort and its called Lazy Beach. Look it up!"

We have and he's not bluffing. King is going to be enjoying some beach time courtesy of partypoker later this year as he's won a $10,000 package already today by reaching the final table with a Golden Chip in front of him.

Life's a beach.

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