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Yunus Tuguz Eliminated in 13th Place (40,600 CSU/$35,000); Vladimir Troyanovskiy Eliminated in 12th Place (46,400 CSU/$40,000)

zedmaster84 • Level 28: 800,000-1,600,000, 1,600,000 ante
Vladimir Troyanovskiy

Yunus Tuguz moved all in for around 16 million from early position and Vladimir Troyanovskiy pushed over the top for 38.5 million from one seat over. The action reached David Laka in the big blind and he also announced all in to create a three-way showdown.

Yunus Tuguz: {A-Diamonds}{9-Spades}
Vladimir Troyanovskiy: {A-Clubs}{Q-Spades}
David Laka: {K-Clubs}{K-Spades}

The board came {8-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}{5-Hearts}{2-Spades}{5-Diamonds} and Laka sent two opponents to the rail. Tuguz finishes in 13th place for 40,600 CSU ($35,000) while Troyanovskiy receives 46,400 CSU ($40,000) for his 12th-place finish.

	Yunus Tuguz

13th place finisher Yunus Tuguz

Player Chips Progress
David Laka es
David Laka
es 194,000,000 69,000,000
Vladimir Troyanovskiy ru
Vladimir Troyanovskiy
ru Busted
Yunus Tuguz RU
Yunus Tuguz
RU Busted

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