$1,100 Open

Kauvsegan Ehamparam Eliminated in 2nd Place ($133,920)

ajlamers • Level 42: 6,000,000-12,000,000, 0 ante

Karim-olivier Kamal dwindled his heads-up opponent, Kauvsegan Ehamparam, down to just over 10 big blinds after some consistent raising. Finally, Kamal shoved all in on the button and Ehamparam called after looking at his cards.

Karim-olivier Kamal: {10-Hearts}{8-Spades}
Kauvsegan Ehamparam: {a-Hearts}{j-Clubs}

The flop came {7-Clubs}{5-Hearts}{10-Clubs} and Kamal hit a pair of tens to take the lead. The turn was the {2-Spades} and the river brought the {9-Clubs}. Kamal's pair of tens held up to eliminate Ehamparam in second place.

Player Chips Progress
Karim-Olivier Kamal ca
Karim-Olivier Kamal
ca 1,231,000,000 228,000,000
Kauvsegan Ehamparam ca
Kauvsegan Ehamparam
ca Busted

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