₽3,000,000 Triton Poker High Roller

Konstantin Uspenskii Eliminated in 3rd Place (RUB22,500,000)

zedmaster84 • Level 21: 8,000-16,000, 16,000 ante
Konstantin Uspenskii

On the button, Konstantin Uspenskii moved all in for 184,000 and Aymon Hata in the small blind moved all in over the top to isolate successfully.

Konstantin Uspenskii: {K-Spades}{8-Spades}
Aymon Hata: {Q-Hearts}{Q-Clubs}

The {8-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{6-Clubs} flop gave Uspenskii a few further outs, but he was drawing dead on the {Q-Diamonds} turn, the {5-Diamonds} river was a formality. Uspenskii was eliminated in 3rd place for RUB22,500,000 and that reduced the field to the final two.

Hata will head into heads-up with a commanding lead over Vladimir Troyanovskiy, and both now take a short break before determining the champion.

Player Chips Progress
Aymon Hata gb
Aymon Hata
gb 1,625,000 225,000
Konstantin Uspenskii RU
Konstantin Uspenskii
RU Busted

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