partypoker Sunday LIVE

Live Updates May 9
Day: 1

Live Updates May 9

Day 1 Completed

End of Sunday Updates - See You Next Week!

With the conclusion of The High Roller Big Game on partypoker, the end of the blog for today is also here.

PokerNews will be back next week with updates on the WPT #05 High Roller with a $1,000,000 guarantee and other exciting events from the WPT and regular tournament schedule. So make sure to return and have a good week leading up to next Sunday!

Barry Hutter Wins This Week's The High Roller Big Game for $60,537

THRBG May 9 Final Hand
THRBG May 9 Final Hand

Juan Pardo had battled it back to even stacks after winning a few pots against Barry Hutter but Hutter still had a narrow chip lead as Pardo held 50,298,732 to the 50,701,268 of Hutter.

In the hand that followed in The High Roller Big Game, Pardo limped in on the button and Hutter raised to 4,920,000 which Pardo called.

The flop came down {7-Spades}{k-Hearts}{4-Hearts}, and Hutter continued with a bet of 3,180,000. Pardo took some time and then raised it up to 9,000,000. Hutter contemplated for a bit and then decided to reraise to 16,200,000. Pardo tanked and then almost shoved for 45,228,730, keeping 2 chips behind. Hitter really shoved with the slightly bigger stack for Pardo to make the call instantly.

Juan Pardo: {7-Clubs}{4-Clubs}
Barry Hutter: {a-Spades}{a-Hearts}

Pardo had flopped to pair while Hutter was sitting on the overpair and backdoor nut-flush draw.

The turn was the {q-Hearts} for Hutter to pick up the heart towards the nut-flush and some more outs for the higher two pair which got there when the {q-Clubs} came on the river to counterfeit Pardo's two pair to win the tournament for $60,537.

The High Roller Big Game Final Table Results May 9

1Barry HutterMexico$60,537
2Juan PardoUnited Kingdom$43,392
3Jerry WongCanada$31,032
4Andrii NovakUkraine$22,094
5Mike WatsonCanada$16,413
6Francois BillardCanada$12,625
7Kevin RabichowCanada$10,731
8Jonathan ProudfootUnited Kingdom$8,964
9Pascal HartmannAustria$7,575

Love PLO? You'll Love These PLO Daily Legends at partypoker

partypoker Omaha Daily Legends
partypoker Omaha Daily Legends

Pot Limit Omaha players are often overlooked when it comes to tournament poker. Not at partypoker where the PLO players have some incredible tournaments to get their teeth into: the PLO Daily Legends.

partypoker's Daily Legends tournaments have proven immensely popular for several reasons. They have reduced a late registration period and limited re-entries (usually just a single re-entry) which levels the playing field. They finish at a reasonable hour, too, without compromising the average stack size. They are genius really.

PLO Daily Legends follow in the same vein except they are all Omaha tournaments instead of hold'em. Buy-ins range from the $2.20 Forge and increase to the $55 Chieftain.

Read on to find out more

Hutter and Pardo Still Battling

Barry Hutter and Juan Pardo are still battling heads-up with Pardo claiming some chips since things started and are now on a break in The High Roller Big Game with $60,537 on the line.

They'll continue with Level 29 which features a small blind of 500,000, a big blind of 1,000,000 and an ante of 125,000.

Hutter vs Pardo
Hutter vs Pardo

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The High Roller Big Game: $250K Gtd Update

There are currently still 8 players left in The High Roller Big Game as Pascal Hartmann is the only player who has been eliminated up till now on the final table.

Barry Hutter is in the lead and followed by Andrii Novak, Jerry Wong, Jonathan Proudfoot, Miike Watson, Juan Pardo, Kevin Rabichow, and Francois Billard.

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