2021 GG Spring Festival PokerStars SCOOP 2021 partypoker Sunday LIVE
Event #4: $15K GTD PKO 40 Stack

Event Info

Prize Pool $15,000
Players 133

Players Info - Day 1

Players Left 1
Entries 133
Event #4: $15K GTD PKO 40 Stack
Day 1 Completed

Congratulationgs to "steveeee", Winner of Event #4: $15K GTD PKO 40 Stack for $3,993


The partypoker US Network Progressive Knockout (PKO) Bounty Online Series has just seen the halfway point tournament come to an end. Event #4: $15K GTD PKO 40 Stack had a total of 133 entries and when the dust had settled it was "steveeee" sitting atop the throne of victory, accumulating a total of $3,993 for their victory.

When the final table kicked off it was "steveeee" who was appointed the table cable with their chip lead and they did not disappoint. They managed to keep an aggressive playstyle throughout but always seemed to be ahead when it counted and that combination brought forth a real threat for every other player on the table.

Coming in as the runner-up was Ramon “hoodrathings” Liriano Jr who played an amazing final table but failed to pick up any bounties during the last stretch of the tournament. "steveeee" on the other hand pocketed three and retained his own once they won the event, adding $2,073 in bounties to the $1,920 they received for taking down the event.

Official Final Table Results

PlacePlayerPrizeBountyTotal Prize
2Ramon “hoodrathings” Liriano Jr$1,336$319$1,655
4Jason "Riverman" Lawhun$735$359$1,094

Action of The Day

Another day in the partypoker US network PKO series saw a turbo tournament come to play. All players would begin with 10,000 fewer chips and blinds were only five minutes in length for the first eight levels. This quick-play brought a lot of early action, with countless preflop shoves on the very first level. Once late registration had closed it seemed to tighten up and some high-level poker was then afoot.

Shortly after the late registration period was over, it took just two levels to see the money bubble hit. An explosion of eliminations happened soon after, losing some big-name players like Vinny "brownmagic" Pahuja, Frederick "Got_Milk" Ferrell, Ted “roystalin” Ely, Eric “alwaysliquid” Vanauken, and Michael "Gags30" Gagliano who all cashed but failed to hit the final table.

"dadadada" was the first to collect a bounty at the final table when their pocket jacks bested the big slick of acpokerbum, knocking them out in eighth place. A few moments after it was MYSTICMOUNTAIN taking an exit after they shoved jack-ten on the button into the ace-ten of Reyesuc26 and failed to improve.

"reyesuc26" sent their newly-acquired chips over to "ShoveNpray" just two hands after, leaving them short. They shoved their short stack in with ace-seven, only to run into the ace-king of Jason "Riverman" Lawhun who sent "reyesuc26" packing. "steveeee" then went on a killing spree, starting with "dadadada" who shoved ace-nine into the ace-jack of the champion, failing to hit as "steveeee" took down another pot for another bounty increase.

In between "steveeee" casualties there was a back and forth battle between Lawhun and "ShoveNpray". The battle ended with an ace-eight versus pocket threes hand that sent all the chips to "ShoveNpray" and Lawhun was sent home in fourth. "steveeee" quickly snatched all of those chips up with their ace-queen against the pocket jacks of "ShoveNpray". "steveeee" landed two ladies, knocking "ShoveNpray" out of contention in third place.

The final two were shallow thanks to the quick structure and it was not long before all the chips went into the middle. Liriano Jr defended his big blind and flopped top pair, but unfortunately for him it was "steveeee" who held the best hand with their pocket kings. Liriano Jr failed to find help on the runout and had to settle for a respectable $1,336 for their second-place finish.

The series is open to everybody in the state of New Jersey across the three platforms of partypoker US, Borgata Poker and BetMGM Poker.

That wraps it up for the PokerNews live coverage of this event, but tune in tomorrow for the Event #5: $15K GTD PKO 6-Max Bounty at 8 p.m. EST.

Ramon “hoodrathings” Liriano Jr Eliminated in 2nd Place ($1,336)


On blinds of 35,000/70,000, "steveeee" opened from the button and Ramon “hoodrathings” Liriano Jr called to see the {10-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}{2-Hearts} flop. Both players put all of their chips into the middle in what was the last hand of the night.

Ramon “hoodrathings” Liriano Jr: {10-Clubs}{5-Clubs}
"steveeee": {k-Spades}{k-Diamonds}

"steveeee" had a monster lead with his pair of kings and an {8-Diamonds} turn card increased it even more. The {q-Spades} river sealed the deal for "steveeee", knocking Liriano Jr out in second place for a respectable $1,336.

steveeee us 5,320,000 3,310,000
Ramon “hoodrathings” Liriano Jr US Busted

"ShoveNpray" Eliminated in 3rd Place ($960)


On blinds of 30,000/60,000, "steveeee" opened to 120,000 and "ShoveNpray" moved all in for 720,156. "steveeee" snap-called, putting "ShoveMpray" at risk.

"ShoveNpray": {j-Spades}{j-Hearts}
"steveeee": {a-Spades}{q-Diamonds}

The flip between the two had a clear leader after the {q-Spades}{4-Diamonds}{2-Clubs} flop as "ShoveNpray" was in trouble. A {3-Hearts} turn card left "ShoveNpray" with one more card to stay alive but a {q-Hearts} river was not it. "steveeee" took down the pot with their three ladies, eliminating "ShoveMpray" from the event in third place.

steveeee us 2,010,000 -190,000
ShoveNpray us Busted

Jason "Riverman" Lawhun Eliminated in 4th Place ($735)


On blinds of 20,000/40,000, Ramon “hoodrathings” Liriano Jr opened from the button to 80,000, "ShoveNpray" called in the small blind and Ramon “hoodrathings” Liriano Jr pushed his 452,356 stack into the middle. "ShoveNpray" was the only player to call.

Jason "Riverman" Lawhun: {a-Spades}{8-Spades}
"ShoveNpray": {3-Hearts}{3-Clubs}

A flip turned into a one-sided affair when the {8-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}{3-Spades} hit the table, giving "ShoveNpray" a set of treys. The {7-Hearts} turn card sealed the deal for "ShoveNpray" who then had Lawhun drawing dead to the {2-Clubs} river card.

ShoveNpray us 2,405,642 1,587,196
Jason "Riverman" Lawhun US Busted

"dadadada" Eliminated in 5th Place ($568)


On blinds of 20,000/40,000, "dadadada" saw action fold around to them in the small blind and elected to shove their 228,559 stack into the middle. "steveeee" snap-called from the big blind.

"dadadada": {a-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}
"steveeee": {a-Hearts}{j-Spades}

The flop came down {7-Spades}{4-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}, hitting nothing for both players. A {3-Diamonds} turn and {q-Clubs} river were of no help for "dadadada" who was eliminated by the higher kicker of "steveeee", taking an exit in fifth place.

steveeee us 1,685,000 485,000
dadadada us Busted

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Lawhun Grabs a Much-Needed Pot


On blinds of 18,000/36,000, "dadadada" opened to 79,200 from the hijack and "steveeee" called in the cutoff. Jason "Riverman" Lawhun defended his big blind and the {a-Hearts}{3-Diamonds}{2-Clubs} flop landed on the board.

Action checked to "dadadada" who continued for 72,306 and both of her competitors called to see the {10-Hearts} turn card. All three checked through to showdown with a {7-Diamonds} completing the board.

Lawhun turned over {a-Clubs}{4-Clubs} for a pair of rockets and his opponents mucked, shipping the pot to him.

steveeee us 1,200,000 -183,289
Jason "Riverman" Lawhun US 1,030,000 -354,917
dadadada us 642,000 -338,990