2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

2010 PCA Main Event
Day: 6
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2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

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120,000 / 240,000

2010 PCA Main Event

Day 6 Completed

Congratulations to Harrison Gimbel; 2010 PCA Main Event Champion ($2,200,000)!

Harrison Gimbel - Champion!
Harrison Gimbel - Champion!

Allow us to introduce the first poker millionaire of 2010, 19-year-old American Harrison Gimbel. As this very wrap-up post is being written, Gimbel is getting his first taste of high stakes poker fame, granting his first interviews and posing for winners photos. Interestingly enough, Gimbel won his seat to the tournament the very day before it started in a live $1,000 satellite tournament.

Gimbel abandoned his studies at the University of Alabama to focus on poker full time and the decision proved to be a wise one. Prior to today, Gimbel's largest cash had been a first place finish in the Florida State Poker Championships back in June ($67,860). He's now miles out in front on practically every Player of the Year imaginable. For a poker player, it's hard to think of a better possible start to a year than this.

Congratulations to Harrison Gimbel on a tournament well played! Here's a quick look at how the rest of the final table panned out:

1st: Harrison Gimbel - $2,200,000
2nd: Ty Reiman - $1,750,000
3rd: Barry Shulman - $1,350,000
4th: Benjamin Zamani - $1,000,000
5th: Ryan D'Angelo - $700,000
6th: Aage Ravn - $450,000
7th: Zachary Goldberg - $300,000
8th: Tom Koral - $201,300

That does it for our coverage of the 2010 PokerStars.net PCA Main Event. The PokerNews live reporting team will be heading Down Under later this week for the Aussie Millions tournament series, beginning January 14th at Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia.

Until then, from the Atlantis Resort, Hotel & Casino in The Bahamas, good night and good luck!

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Ty Reiman Eliminated in 2nd Place ($1,750,000)

Ty Reiman - 2nd Place
Ty Reiman - 2nd Place
Ty Reiman has the button, and it's 620,000 to play this time. Harrison Gimbel thinks for a long while (unusually), and he makes a reraise to 1.8 million. Reiman takes another peek at his cards before announcing an all in. Gimbel asks for a count, and it's just over 10 million.

"Okay, I call."

Reiman: {8-Diamonds} {8-Clubs}
Gimbel: {10-Hearts} {10-Clubs}

Reiman's fans plead in full throat for an eight, but their cries fall on deaf ears as the flop is a disastrous {10-Diamonds} {6-Diamonds} {2-Hearts}. Reiman is just looking for something to sweat now.

The turn card comes just a bit too late for Reiman: {8-Hearts}. It's his unlikely set, but he's still miles behind and now drawing only to the case eight in the deck.

"One time!" yell his fans. "Eight! Eiiiight!!!"

Once again, though, the dealer can't hear them. He peels the {J-Spades} off on the river, locking up the pot and the championship for Harrison Gimbel.

Ty Reiman's run this week was a remarkable one, working his way through 1,527 players to get to this point. Unfortunately for him, his bid for this first NAPT title has fallen just one spot short. The good news is that he'll pick up a check for $1.75 million, though it may be sunrise tomorrow before Reiman appreciates his accomplishment for what it is.

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Hand #178 - Ty Reiman

Ty Reiman has the button, and he raises to 600,000. Harrison Gimbel makes the call, and the flop reveals {10-Diamonds} {7-Clubs} {2-Hearts}. Gimbel hasn't bet in this spot yet, and he again lets Reiman continue out with 800,000 before calling.

Gimbel checks again when the {4-Clubs} hits the turn, and Reiman keeps the heat on with another bet, 1.1 million. Gimbel is right there with another quick call, and the {6-Hearts} fills out the board. When Gimbel checks a third time, Reiman thinks long and hard before checking behind.

"Seven," says Reiman, turning up {K-Clubs} {7-Diamonds}.

"You got it," replies Gimbel.

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Hand #176 - Harrison Gimbel

Ty Reiman has the button, and he raises to 600,000. Harrison Gimbel comes along with the call this time, and we'll see a flop: {7-Hearts} {J-Diamonds} {5-Spades}. A Gimbel check draws a bet of 800,000 from Reiman, and Gimbel double-checks his hole cards. Apparently liking what he sees, he makes the call.

Turn: {Q-Hearts}. Gimbel checks again, and Reiman checks it back this time.

River: {K-Hearts}. Gimbel grabs chips and makes it 1.2 million to play, drawing a quick fold and winning the pot with no showdown.

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Hand #173 - Ty Reiman

Harrison Gimbel has the button and opens with a raise to 600,000. Ty Reiman stares across the table and reaches for chips to make the call, and call he does.

The flop comes {3-Hearts}{3-Spades}{A-Spades} and both players check. The {J-Spades} falls on the turn prompting two more checks and sending the action to the river -- {2-Spades}.

Both players check yet again and Reiman, clearly frustrated that Gimbel didn't bet the river, turns over a pocket pair of deuces for a full house to win the pot.

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