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2010 PCA Main Event

Hand #178 - Ty Reiman

Ty Reiman has the button, and he raises to 600,000. Harrison Gimbel makes the call, and the flop reveals {10-Diamonds} {7-Clubs} {2-Hearts}. Gimbel hasn't bet in this spot yet, and he again lets Reiman continue out with 800,000 before calling.

Gimbel checks again when the {4-Clubs} hits the turn, and Reiman keeps the heat on with another bet, 1.1 million. Gimbel is right there with another quick call, and the {6-Hearts} fills out the board. When Gimbel checks a third time, Reiman thinks long and hard before checking behind.

"Seven," says Reiman, turning up {K-Clubs} {7-Diamonds}.

"You got it," replies Gimbel.

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