2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

2010 PCA Main Event
Days: 1b

De Korver KO'd

Pieter de Korver has begun this new year running pretty poorly. An ugly pot early on left de Korver with less than 20,000 after his pocket kings were run down by an opponent's ace-king.

Just moments ago, we spotted de Korver doing an interview with the Dutch television crew, so we assumed he had been eliminated. A chat with the Team PokerStars Pro a few minutes later confirmed his demise, and he filled us in on the details.

With the blinds at 150/300, an opponent opened the pot with an over-raise to 3,000. De Korver looked down at pocket aces and moved all in for about 16,000. His opponent immediately called with pocket kings. The flop was pretty uneventful, but a third club hit fourth street, and the only club in either hand was the king of the covering player. Sure enough, de Korver's hopes were slashed as a fourth club peeled off on the river, flushing him out of here in the middle of Day 1b.

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