2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

$1,650 National Championship
Day: 2
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2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

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Winning Hand
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30,000 / 60,000

Kings are No Good Today, Oliveira Wins Huge Pot

Level 13 : 1,200/2,400, 400 ante
Joao Oliveira
Joao Oliveira

The action started with a raise from Damien Steel in the cutoff and Joao Henrique Oliveira three-bet to 22,500 out of the small blind. With the action back on Steel, he slid forward a four-bet to 60,000. Oliveira thought for a moment and then announced all in for 223,200, which was instantly met by a call from Steel.

Steel turned over {k-Spades}{k-Diamonds} and Oliveira was left with {a-Spades}{q-Hearts}, needing an ace to keep his tournament life alive.

"Nice hand, nice hand," Oliveira was saying to his opponent before the cards were dealt. However, when the dealer spread the {a-Clubs}{10-Spades}{8-Clubs} flop, it was Oliveira that now held the nicer of the hands.

In what was by far the largest pot of the tournament, Steel was left scratching his head with two cards to come. The turn brought the {7-Hearts} and the river was the {a-Diamonds}. Steel sent the majority of his chips to Oliveira and is now on the short stack as the money bubble looms.

Player Chips Progress
Joao Henrique Oliveira br
Joao Henrique Oliveira
450,800 302,400
Damien Steel ca
Damien Steel
22,000 -235,500

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