PokerGO Tour

The PokerGO Tour was introduced by PokerGO in 2021 as a means for determining the top high roller tournament player in the world. Players compete in more than 100 events across the globe throughout the year. At the end, the player who racked up the most cumulative points will be crowned champion and anointed as the best high roller in poker that year. PokerNews is proud to exhaustively cover Tour events, including the Super High Roller Bowl and Poker Masters series.

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Finished Tournaments

Winner Winning Hand Prize Runner-up Losing Hand
2021 PokerGO Cup Cary Katz Cary Katz q4 $1,058,000 Sam Soverel 109

What is the PokerGO Tour?

In 2021, PokerGO came up with the idea of trying to figure out who the top high roller tournament player in the world is each year. Well, there's only one way to find that out — host numerous events around the world, award points to players based on finish in each of those events, and then at the end of the year, the player who scored the most points over all 150+ events is deemed the overall winner. That individual then receives an extra $100,000 bonus, along with bragging rights and the pride that goes with winning a prestigious award.

When is the PokerGO Tour

The PokerGO Tour starts at the beginning of a calendar year and runs until the end of the year. Points reset at the end of the year and every starts over at 0 points. You can't carry leftover points into the next year.

PokerNews and the PokerGO Tour

PokerNews provides extensive coverage of PokerGO Tour events. such as tournament recaps, player interviews, and giving the inside scoop on the various exciting events.

What are the Biggest Events?

The PokerGO Tour features some of the most prestigious high roller tournaments in the game. They include, but are not limited to, the Super High Roller Bowl, US Poker Open, Poker Masters, PokerGO Cup, and the historic 2021 $10 million guaranteed Wynn Millions tournament in Las Vegas.

What is the purpose of the PokerGO Tour?

The only way to find out who truly is the top high roller tournament player in any given year is to put them all against each other and keep score. Hence, why PokerGO created the unique PokerGO Tour.

Where can I watch PokerGO Tour events?

You can watch most PokerGO Tour tournaments exclusively on the PokerGO app.