$10,300 High Roller

Damian Salas Eliminated in 7th Place ($49,620)

Chad_Holloway • Level 20: 8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante
Damian Salas

Damian Salas moved all in under the gun for right around 160,000 and action folded around to Anthony Zinno, who called out of the big blind.

Zinno: {5-Hearts}{5-Spades}
Salas: {a-Hearts}{10-Spades}

Salas turned to his friends on the rail to let them know that he as flipping for his tournament life. Indeed he was, but he was also the one in need of improvement.

The {8-Clubs}{6-Clubs}{9-Clubs} gave him a gutshot to a seven to go with his overs, while the {Q-Hearts} turn added a jack out to the mix.

The dealer burned one last time and put out the {9-Spades}. Salas missed and had to settle for seventh place and $49,620 in prize money.

Player Chips Progress
Anthony Zinno us
Anthony Zinno
us 650,000 125,000
Damian Salas ar
Damian Salas
ar Busted

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