Main Event

Miguel Zarzar Leads at the End of Day 1a of the PokerStars Festival Chile Main Event!

ElleSriracha • Level 10: 600-1,200, 200 ante
Miguel Zarzar

The opening day of the PokerStars Festival Chile $500,000 guaranteed Main Event has come to an end, and Miguel Zarzar leads the way with 228,000 chips. Sergio Dabio Tello is close behind in second (200,200), with Juan Parra (159,400) rounding out the top three stacks.

Zarzar quietly chipped up throughout the day, and eventually found himself at the top of the counts. His infectious laugh was noticed by everyone in the room, and will be a welcomed personality as play gets deeper on Day 2. Tello was responsible for eliminating Alex Vega midway through the day, cracking his pocket kings with eight-three off suit after turning two pair. He held on to his massive stack and managed to finish second in chips. Parra found a double up after flopping a set in a hand with Norberto Korn and never really looked back, finishing with a top three stack and earning himself a well-deserved day off tomorrow.

A total of 139 entries were counted after eight levels of play, and just 43 were left at the end of the night. These remaining players will move on to Day 2 on Thursday at noon. It is also important to note that any players who advanced will not be able to play again on Day 1b tomorrow.

The prizepool is guaranteed at $500,000, and there is most certainly a chance for that number to increase by the end of registration tomorrow.

Team PokerStars Pro, and PokerStars Festival Chile High Roller champion, Leo Fernandez, won a title in four hands of heads up play and hopped right in to the Main Event. He chipped up for the better part of the day but then lost some flips and found himself on the rail.

Some of the notable players who have moved on to Day 2 include LAPT champion Alex Manzano (145,200), PokerStars online qualifier Robert Heidorn (108,300), high roller Tadeo Palomares (79,000), LAPT champion Richard Dubini (72,200), high roller Norberto Korn (71,900), PokerStars Festival Chile High Roller runner up, Rodrigo Borquez (52,100), LAPT champion Andres Jeckeln (51,600), and Argentinian pro Fernando Gordo (35,200).

The tournament opened with about 40 entries, but this number quickly grew by more than three times. While there was plenty of play between the deep stacks and hour-long blind levels, that did not stop players from getting in on the action early in the day. Several notable players who did not make it through but were in the field today included LAPT high rollers, Oscar Alache, and Amos Ben, as well as Joaquin Earcena, Alan Manuel Mehamed, and Javier Swett.

Day 1b is set to get started at noon tomorrow, and the structure will remain the same as today. At the end of eight levels, registration will close completely and the tournament staff will calculate the prizepool. A full table draw and payouts will be posted on PokerNews, so keep following along as we bring you all of the live updates on the way to crowning the next PokerStars Festival champion in beautiful Vina del Mar, Chile!

Player Chips Progress
Miguel Zarzar CL
Miguel Zarzar
CL 228,000 18,000
Sergio Dabio Tello AR
Sergio Dabio Tello
AR 200,200 -4,800
Juan Parra CL
Juan Parra
CL 159,400 93,400
Teofilo Tristan AR
Teofilo Tristan
AR 157,800 35,800
Leonel Otazo CL
Leonel Otazo
CL 155,800 155,800
Alex Manzano cl
Alex Manzano
cl 145,200 30,200
Mac Hudson Hilaire HT
Mac Hudson Hilaire
HT 133,800 133,800
Martin Pineiro ar
Martin Pineiro
ar 129,700 4,700
Jamir Muller BR
Jamir Muller
BR 125,900 125,900
Daniel Oscar Foti AR
Daniel Oscar Foti
AR 120,800 10,800
Tomas Carvallo CL
Tomas Carvallo
CL 120,200 84,200
Jonathan Vilares CL
Jonathan Vilares
CL 118,800 118,800
Nicolas Mzlandre CL
Nicolas Mzlandre
CL 108,400 108,400
Robert Heidorn de
Robert Heidorn
de 108,300 -18,700
Diego Zamorbide AR
Diego Zamorbide
AR 80,000 80,000
Tadeo Palomares MX
Tadeo Palomares
MX 79,000 23,000
Cristian Sandoval
Cristian Sandoval
78,600 78,600
Rodrigo Delgado CL
Rodrigo Delgado
CL 78,500 78,500
Gabriel Gomez Melloda CL
Gabriel Gomez Melloda
CL 77,500 77,500
Richard Dubini ar
Richard Dubini
ar 72,200 35,200
Norberto Korn ar
Norberto Korn
ar 71,900 -68,100
Mikael Anderson FI
Mikael Anderson
FI 68,000 68,000
Milton De La Fuente CL
Milton De La Fuente
CL 62,300 37,300
Williams Espinoza CL
Williams Espinoza
CL 62,100 62,100
Christian Velasquez CL
Christian Velasquez
CL 57,400 57,400
Walter Hahn AR
Walter Hahn
AR 56,800 29,800
Rodrigo Borquez CL
Rodrigo Borquez
CL 52,100 -27,900
Andres Jeckeln ar
Andres Jeckeln
ar 51,600 6,600
Francisco Salazar CL
Francisco Salazar
CL 48,800 48,800
Lucas Baruc BR
Lucas Baruc
BR 48,600 1,600
Horacio Ale AR
Horacio Ale
AR 47,400 47,400
Daniel De Mola AR
Daniel De Mola
AR 45,500 45,500
Camilo Florez CO
Camilo Florez
CO 45,100 45,100
Diego Lizana CL
Diego Lizana
CL 44,600 44,600
Pedro Sepulueda CL
Pedro Sepulueda
CL 36,300 36,300
Fernando Gordo AR
Fernando Gordo
AR 35,200 -6,800
Ricardo Chauriye cl
Ricardo Chauriye
cl 33,300 19,300
Felipe Morales CL
Felipe Morales
CL 30,800 -17,200
Patricio Rojas Parra CL
Patricio Rojas Parra
CL 26,600 26,600
Alberto Alarion PE
Alberto Alarion
PE 25,200 25,200
Christopher Franco CL
Christopher Franco
CL 23,800 23,800
Leon Behar CL
Leon Behar
CL 23,300 23,300

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