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PokerStars Festival

PokerNews is proud to serve as the official live coverage partners of the PokerStars Festival, dubbed the ultimate "action-packed poker vacation." As the primary news source for the event, PokerNews will provide audiences with constant up-to-date reporting including interviews, videos, photos, podcasts - and much more.

Launched for the first time in 2016, the PokerStars Festival is set to forever change the way audiences view live poker events, exporting the celebrated PokerStars European Poker Tour experience across borders. The Festival will stop at some of the world’s most coveted cities at the most prestigious casinos, featuring highly-accessible tournaments and StarsFun - a wealth of entertainment to complement the live games, totally free of charge.

Not to mention an entirely new group of players to the scene: one of the standout features of the Festival is that players from around the world are welcome toplay online satellites to secure their place in one of the tournaments.

Welcome to poker for the digital age – and get ready to have a blast! Bring your friends, challenge for cash rewards and walk the path to a Main Event trophy. The PokerStars Festival is coming to a city near you.

Be sure to check PokerNews for all the PokerStars Festival latest, including webcasts, videos and live reports!

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Finished Tournaments

Winner Winning Hand Prize Runner-up Losing Hand
2017 PokerStars Festival Hamburg Ulrich Pauls Ulrich Pauls 4 ♥3 ♠ €105,850 Michal Lubas 7 ♥7 ♦
2017 PokerStars Festival Sochi Aleksandr Merzhvinskiy j ♠j ♣ 7,700,000 RUB Alexsandr Denisov 6 ♥6 ♦
2017 PokerStars Festival Dublin Gary McGinty Gary McGinty k ♣j ♥ €91,808 Jim O'Callaghan q ♠6 ♣
2017 PokerStars Festival Uruguay Julio Belluscio Julio Belluscio a ♠3 ♥ $66,748 Julio Arocena k ♥2 ♠
2017 PokerStars Festival Manila Uday Bansal Uday Bansal a ♥j ♠ 4,676,000 PHP Antti Halme a ♣10 ♠
2017 PokerStars Festival Bucharest Sam Grafton Sam Grafton k ♠9 ♦ €117,707 Anil Olgun Ozdemir q ♠j ♣
2017 PokerStars Festival Korea Taehoon Han Taehoon Han q ♣j ♠ 83,130,000 KRW Yuki Ko j ♥10 ♥
2017 PokerStars Festival Chile Christopher Franco Christopher Franco a ♦8 ♣ $97,360 Juan Sebastian Gomez a ♠7 ♦
2017 PokerStars Festival Rozvadov Petr Svoboda Petr Svoboda 10 ♥8 ♥ €124,346 Michal Lubas a ♥6 ♦
2017 PokerStars Festival London Rehman Kassam Rehman Kassam k ♥10 ♣ £89,320 Daniel Harwood 10 ♥7 ♦