WCOOP-10-M: $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, Freezeout, Super Tuesday SE], $1M Gtd

"gardze_wami" Wins the Hand Before Deal Discussion

poolshir • Level 43: 500,000-1,000,000, 125,000 ante

"gardze_wami" limped in from the button and Chris "ImDaNuts" Oliver opted to check.

The flop came {5-Hearts}{3-Diamonds}{10-Spades}, Oliver check-called the 1,000,000 bet of "gardze_wami".

The turn was the {k-Clubs} and they both checked to the {3-Clubs} on the river. Oliver bet 4,250,000 for "gardze_wami" to raise to 10,000,000 and Oliver to fold before the tournament was paused for deal discussions.

Player Chips Progress
Chris "ImDaNuts" Oliver US
Chris "ImDaNuts" Oliver
US 62,797,268 -6,375,000
gardze_wami PL
PL 32,902,732 6,375,000