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$575 Main Event

Ahn Nguyen Gets a Fold

Brentharrington • Level 10: 800-1,600, 1,600 ante
Ahn Nguyen

Kerry Dawson was one of the bigger stacks in the room with about 150,000 and he was on the button.

A player opened from middle position to 4,200 and Dawson called.

Ahn Nguyen called from the big blind and it was three-handed to the {10-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}{2-Diamonds} flop.

Nguyen led for 12,500 and Dawson was the lone caller.

The turn was the {8-Hearts} and Nguyen shoved for 56,400. Dawson took a moment before folding.

Player Chips Progress
Kerry Dawson US
Kerry Dawson
US 125,000 125,000
Ahn Nguyen US
Ahn Nguyen
US 95,000 95,000

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