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2021 Rungood All-Stars ProAm

A Winner Will be Crowned as the 2021 RunGood All-Stars ProAm Begins at Noon

RunGood All-Stars ProAm

The second and final day of 2021 RunGood All-Stars ProAm is set to begin at noon local time at the PokerGo Studio in Las Vegas, and will be streamed on a delay.

The total prize pool in this invitational tournament is $44,000 and out of 88 total entrants, only seven players remain. On Day 1, celebrities, poker pros, and RunGood qualifiers battled it out for over ten hours before the remaining players bagged, with Danielle Andersen (2,760,000) taking the chip lead into Day 2 with almost a million more chips than the next biggest stack.

The other players returning for Day 2 are Raminder Singh (1,765,000), Brian Frenzel (1,505,000), Ebony Kenney (895,000), Garry Gates (635,000), Christopher Christian (555,000), and Lisa Teebagy (340,000).

The tournament will restart with blinds at 30,000/60,000/60,000 with 24:30 on the clock. Levels are 30 minutes in length, and there will be a 10-minute break every three levels. The poker shot clock is 30 seconds with six 30-second time banks each day. Players who have unused time banks from yesterday can use them today and the final seven players will receive six additional time banks.

Action will continue today until one player has all the chips, so stay tuned as PokerNews brings you updates until a winner is crowned and the trophy is won in the inaugural 2021 RunGood All-Stars ProAm.

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