SCOOP-44-M: $530 NLHE [Sunday Million SE], $1M Gtd

“Corback_fr” Wins PokerStars 2020 SCOOP -44-M: $530 NLHE [Sunday Million SE] After Heads-Up Deal for $216,618

SandraBarbour • Level 49: 1,500,000-3,000,000, 375,000 ante
“Corback_fr” Wins PokerStars 2020 SCOOP -44-M

“Corback_fr” emerged victorious in the Spring Championship of Online Poker -44-M: $530 NLHE [Sunday Million SE], capturing the title and $216,618 after agreeing to a heads-up deal with “Murashko”.
This tournament drew 3,419 entries with the top 485 finishers getting a share of the $1,709,500 total prize pool and the top three receiving six-figure payouts.

"Corback_fr" was slowly building throughout the day but he really got his run going after flopping top two pair against against “BenBrogan12”’s open-ended straight draw, and going for full value on the flop. “BenBrogan12” couldn’t get there and that hand vaulted "Corback_fr" in the lead.

He kept adding chips from thereon eventually taking a seat at the final table with a stack that was almost double the one of his closest opponent. He wasn't willing to sit on his chips though and he kept going for more, applying pressure on all of his opponents until he made it to heads-up.

When the final match started, “Corback_fr” had to defeat “Murashko” who was only a handful of chips behind. However, "Corback_fr" didn't take long to extend his lead, and it was all over the very next level shortly after a heads-up deal was made. In the final hand of the night, "Corback_fr" moved all in on the river with a seven-high straight and he found a call by “Murashko” who was playing the six-high straight on the board. "Murasko" was hoping for a chop, but ended his tournament life instead.

"Murashko" Eliminated in 2nd Place
"Murashko" Eliminated in 2nd Place

Final Table Results

1Corback_frUnited Kingdom$216,617.61
6NoHayMiedo*Dominican Republic$45,208.92

Final Day Action

Day 3 began with 263 players still in the running for the title but players headed to the rail in quick succession and the final table was reached within a few hours when “Purkazoli” ran his ace-queen suited against ""’s ace-king.

“Rekond” was the first casualty of the final table after he three-bet shoved with nines only to find himself in bad shape against "NoHayMiedo*’s kings and "Murashko”’s aces.

The next elimination was “CryFishCry” in eighth place after jamming his pocket sixes into “marceloaziz”’s pocket nines.

“"" was “marceloaziz”'s next victim. He three-bet shoved with kings and saw a call from “marceloaziz” who held ace-queen. The turn brought an ace, ending ""’s run in the tournament in seventh place.

"NoHayMiedo*” was sent to the exit in sixth place. He shoved his last ten big blinds with king-queen suited and got called by “Corback_fr”’ who held nines and stayed ahead.

Next up was “marceloaziz”. After losing multiple crucial pots, “marceloaziz” put his last crumbs at risk with ace-deuce against “ZAR84”’s fives and couldn’t find any help, heading out in fifth place instead.

“ZAR84” wouldn't hold on to his newfound chips and he was taken out in fourth place since he couldn’t stayed ahead with queens against “Corback_fr”’s s ten-eight in a blind vs blind situation.

Falling shortly after was “MrTermo1021”. “MrTermo1021” moved all in on the flop with jacks against “Murashko”’s flush draw and gutshot but the river brought just what “Murashko” needed for a flush, ending “MrTermo1021”’s tournament in life in third place.

This set up a heads-up match between “Corback_fr” and “Murashko” for the title and they both agreed to a deal shortly after the start of heads-up play. Although the stacks were close to even, "Corback_fr" didn't take long to take a lead. In the final hand of the night, "Corback_fr" moved all in on the river with a seven-high straight and found a call by “Murashko” who was playing the six-high straight on the board. That ended it all, and “Corback_fr” became the latest Sunday Million Champion collecting $216,619 while "Murashko" settled for the runner-up title and $204,110.