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$560 Deeper Stack NLH

Welcome to Day 2 of Event $3: $560 Deeper Stack No-Limit Hold'em


Day 2 of Event #3: $560 Deeper Stack No-Limit Hold'em is set to kick off at noon local time. The two flights combined attracted 303 competitors and 64 of them will be returning to the tournament area to continue to battle it out. These numbers are not final though, as late registration remains open until the start of play on Day 2.

Pierrot Massenat will begin as the chip leader with 778,000. He is followed by Johann Tiemann with 510,000. Rick Kalgstein rounds up the top three with 502,000 in the bag.

Other players still in contention include Timothy Miles (482,000), Willie Wiggins (165,000), Jake Schwartz (163,000) and Nick Yunis, (152,000), Steve Karp (129,000).

Blinds will begin at 2,000/4,000 with a 4,000 big blind ante. Levels 15 to 26 will be of 60 minutes and Level 27 + will last 90 minutes each. Once the heads up portion of play has been reached, levels will go back to 40 minutes. Day 2 will play until conclusion or till 3 am.

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Day 2 Seat Draw

TableSeatNameChip Count
233Timothy Pettus175,000
235Johann Tiemann510,000
238Timothy Miles482,000
239Matthew Zarcadoolas439,000
241Pierrot Massenat778,000
242Irwin Cohen196,000
243Igor Merda80,000
246Carlos Bolanos64,000
247Bernard Erhayel248,000
251Richard Whitebrook70,000
252Matthew Bretzfield398,000
254Andre Rakusa115,000
255Matthew Rizai378,000
256Jose Reyes185,000
259Nathan Pitts150,000
281Erik Christensen257,000
282Thomas Gari169,000
284Christian Fontane171,000
285Santana Noronha60,000
286Marc Wolfe229,000
287Willie Wiggins165,000
289Blake Robbins144,000
291Nicholas Mahabee217,000
293Marcelo Jo136,000
294Ariel Rosello Quintana47,000
296Gavin Gowie143,000
297Brandon Miller149,000
298Jeff Charlton105,000
299Dimitry Agrachov285,000
301Steven Karp129,000
303Salim Salem84,000
304Maurice Lightner52,000
305Derrick Rose91,000
306Josias Cardoso Dos Santos252,000
307Aaron Klausman185,000
308Carlos Perez75,000
309Jake Schwartz163,000
313Mark Smith49,000
316Sergio Giha146,000
318Matthew Kuba107,000
323James Tomblin139,000
324Daniel Couzens79,000
328Stephen Ibrahim217,000
332Joseph Villacci140,000
333Philip Consolo137,000
335Yaroslav Nakonechnyy397,000
337Jonathan Dobson116,000
341Zachary Hammons382,000
342Matthew Lessor134,000
343Tomasz Wiczarksi53,000
346Paul Balzano56,000
347Henry Billete75,000
348Jack Shea203,000
351Rick Kalgstein502,000
352Bret BeebeDNR
353Nicolas Yunis152,000
354Richard Perea92,000
355Ricardo Eyzaguirre433,000
356Gregory Spinder167,000
358Jose Gallegos125,000
359Eric Polirer148,000
362Elliott Zaydman123,000
363Ofer Peleg219,000
368Matthew Smith132,000

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