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$560 Deeper Stack NLH

End of Day 1a Chip Counts

Pierrot Massenat ht 778,000
Johann Tiemann us 510,000
Ricardo Eyzaguirre us 433,000
Yaroslav Nakonechnyy US 397,000
Erik Christensen us 257,000
Ofer Peleg US 219,000
Stephen Ibrahim US 217,000
Nicholas Mahabee US 217,000
Jack Shea us 203,000
Aaron Klausman us 185,000
Brandon Miller us 149,000
Sergio Giha US 146,000
James Tomblin US 139,000
Matthew Lessor US 134,000
Matthew Smith us 132,000
Elliott Zaydman us 123,000
Jonathan Dobson us 116,000
Matthew Kuba us 107,000
Derrick Rose us 91,000
Salim Salem US 84,000
Igor Merda de 80,000
Daniel Couzens us 79,000
Mark Smith us 49,000
Ariel Quintana US 47,000
$560 Deeper Stack NLH
Day 1a Completed

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Welcome to Day 1a of the $560 The Deeper Stack

Seminole Hard Rock poker chips
Seminole Hard Rock poker chips

The second premiere event in Seminole Hard Rock May Deep Stack Poker Series is upon us. The first of two starting flights in the $560 buy-in The Deeper Stack will get underway at 11 a.m. EDT on Monday. The only other flight, Day 1b, will kick off at the same time on Tuesday.

Players will start with 40,000 in chips in that tournament and play 40-minute levels through Level 14. Levels 15-26 will last 60 minutes each with Levels 27+ will switch to 90 minutes. Heads-up play will revert to 40-minute levels.

The plan for both Day 1 flights is to play through Level 14. Late registration and unlimited re-entries will be allowed until the start of Day 2. Like the Deep Stack, this is not a best-stack forward event.

The winner of the tournament will also receive an added $1,650 Main Event seat.

Last year, Chanpiseth Keam prevailed over a 432-entry field to win the Deeper Stack for $37,991. The year before that, Jeffrey Trudeau Jr. topped a 434-entry field to win it for $49,148, while Almog Biton topped a 452-entry field to win it in 2016 for $57,746.

PokerNews will begin its live updates from this event upon completion of the $350 Deep Stack finale, which you can follow here.

Here's a look at the structure for today.

LevelLength (minutes)Small BlindBig BlindBig Blind Ante
$560 Deeper Stack NLH
Day 1a Started