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$560 Deeper Stack NLH
$560 Deeper Stack NLH
Day 1b Completed

Rick Kalgstein Bags Lead on Day 1b of $560 Deeper Stack

Chad_Holloway • Level 14: 2,000-3,000, 3,000 ante
Rick Kalgstein
Rick Kalgstein

The 2019 Seminole Hard Rock May Deep Stack Poker Series continued on Tuesday with the $560 Deeper Stack NLH.

On Monday’s Day 1a, 124 runners took to the felt and only 25 survived the flight. Leading the pack with a stack of 778,000 was Pierrot Massenat, followed by Johann Tiemann (510,000) and Ricardo Eyzaguirre (433,000). Others to bag and tag were Erik Christensen (257,000), Ofer Peleg (219,000), Elliott Zaydman (123,000), Derrick Rose (91,000), and Ariel Quintana (47,000).

On Tuesday, another 179 entrants took to the felt to bring the number up to 303 entries, though that could go up as late registration is open until the start of play on Day 2. After 14 levels of play 39 bagged and tagged with Rick Kalgstein and his stack of 502,000 out in front.

Top 10 Day 1a/1b Chip Counts

1Pierrot Massenat778,000
2Johann Tiemann510,000
3Rick Kalgstein,502,000
4Timothy “TK” Miles482,000
5Matthew Zarcadoolas439,000
6Matt Bretzfield398,000
7Yraoslav Nakonechnyy397,000
8Zachary Hammons382,000
9Matt Riza378,000
10Dimitry Agrachov285,000

Kalgstein won a monster 300k+ pot in the last level of the night when Steven Bennett got his stack all in holding ace-king only to have Kalgstein roll over pocket aces. Bennett turned a king but failed to catch another on the river.

Others to advance to Day 2 were Irwin Cohen (196,000), Jose Reyes (185,000), Willie Wiggins (165,000), Jake Schwartz (163,000), Nick Yunis (152,000), and Philip Consolo (137,000).

Among those to fire the opening flights but fail to survive were 2015 World Series of Poker Ladies Event champ Jaquelyn Scott, 2015 Seminole Hard Rock Player of the Year Ory Hen, Alfredo Fernandez, Hany Ayoub, Jason Young, Vivo Loubaton, Claire Chiang, and Terry Siele.

PokerNews coverage of the 2019 Seminole Hard Rock May Deep Stack Poker Series will continue Wednesday with updates from the Day 2 of the $560 buy-in The Deeper Stack.

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End-of-Day 1b Chip Counts (full)

Chad_Holloway • Level 14: 2,000-3,000, 3,000 ante
Rick Kalgstein US 502,000 -13,000
Timothy Miles us 482,000 222,000
Matthew Zarcadoolas us 439,000 314,000
Matt Bretzfield US 398,000
Zachary Hammons us 382,000
Matt Riza US 378,000
Dimitry Agrachov us 285,000 135,000
Josias Santos br 252,000 192,000
Bernard Erhagel US 248,000
Marc Wolfe us 229,000
Irwin Cohen US 196,000 86,000
Jose Reyes us 185,000
Tim Pettus US 175,000 -65,000
Christian Fontane US 171,000
Thomas Gari us 169,000 69,000
Gregory Spinder us 167,000 62,000
Willie Wiggins us 165,000 -35,000
Jake Schwartz us 163,000
Nick Yunis cl 152,000 62,000
Nathan Pitts US 150,000
Eric Polirer us 148,000
Blake Robbins US 144,000
Gavin Gowie US 143,000
Joe Villacci US 140,000 10,000
Philip Consolo us 137,000

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Bag and Tag

Chad_Holloway • Level 14: 2,000-3,000, 3,000 ante

The remaining players are preparing to bag and tag on Day 1b. Stay tuned for a list of chip counts along with a recap of the Day 1b action.

Monster Pot Goes to Kalgstein

Chad_Holloway • Level 14: 2,000-3,000, 3,000 ante
Rick Kalgstein
Rick Kalgstein

A preflop raising war resulted in Steven Bennett getting his stack of roughly 150,000 all in preflop and way behind Rick Kalgstein.

Kalgstein: {a-Hearts}{a-Diamonds}
Bennett: {a-Clubs}{k-Spades}

Bennett was in a world of hurt and the {4-Spades}{7-Diamonds}{4-Hearts} flop didn't do him any favors. The {k-Diamonds} turn kept him drawing live but he missed when the {7-Clubs} bricked the river.

Rick Kalgstein US 515,000
Steven Bennett us Busted

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"I've Been All in for 40K a Lot of Times Today"

Chad_Holloway • Level 14: 2,000-3,000, 3,000 ante
Henry Billete
Henry Billete

That is what Ian O'Hara said when we came across him at risk for that amount against Henry Billete.

O'Hara: {10-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}
Billete: {a-Diamonds}{k-Diamonds}

It was a flip and O'Hara was just looking to hold. The {2-Spades}{j-Spades}{q-Hearts} flop kept him in the lead but then disaster struck when the {a-Hearts} spiked on the turn to pair Billete. The {a-Spades} river made it trips and O'Hara headed for the registration desk to fire again.

Henry Billete US 260,000 40,000
Ian O'Hara us 40,000 40,000

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Rollin Hernandez Wins Event #4: $130 Deep Stack

Chad_Holloway • Level 13: 1,500-2,500, 2,500 ante
Rollin Hernandez
Rollin Hernandez

The 2019 May Deep Stack Poker Series is comprised of three premier events and a slew of side event.

In regards to the latter, last night Event #4: $130 Deep Stack (Re-Entry) attracted 216 runners and surpassed its $20k guaratee by creating a $21,600 prize pool.

Among those to cash but fall short of the final table were Marcia Costa-Savidge (11th - $454), Howard Talesnick (14th - $389), Leon Toledo (17th - $324), and Jose Ardila (22nd - $200).

The tournament ended in a seven-way deal that saw Rollin Hernandez claim the title and $2,926 in prize money.

1Rollin Hernandez$2,926*
2Anna Knishevitskaya$2,364*
3Steve Moreno$2,305*
4Bernard Erhayel$2,079*
5Amin Hosein$1,962*
6Dave Phillips$1,912*
7Scott Jordan$1,537*
8Devond Marshall$629
9Ephraim Uzan$525
10Kyle Harry$454

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Perez Flips Shmuel Out of the Tournament

Chad_Holloway • Level 13: 1,500-2,500, 2,500 ante
Manny Perez
Manny Perez

David Shmuel moved all in for 37,500 under the gun and Manny Perez made the call next to act. The rest of the field cleared out and it was off to the races.

Shmuel: {j-Spades}{10-Spades}
Perez: {9-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}

Shmuel was at risk and looking to improve to stay alive. The {2-Hearts}{a-Diamonds}{6-Clubs} flop didn't do him any favors and the turn was anticlimactic as the {9-Spades} gave Perez a set to leave Shmuel drawing dead. The meaningless {3-Clubs} was run out on the river and Shmuel headed for the exit.

Manny Perez US 120,000 8,000
David Shmuel us Busted

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Miles Gets Lucky to Bust a Shorty

Chad_Holloway • Level 13: 1,500-2,500, 2,500 ante
Timothy Miles
Timothy Miles

Timothy Miles, who tried to pass off as Corey Burbick, opened with a raise from the hijack only to have the player in the small blind three-bet jam for approximately 25,000. Miles opted to call and discovered he was way behind.

Miles: {k-Clubs}{8-Clubs}
Opponent: {k-Spades}{q-Diamonds}

The {3-Clubs}{4-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds} flop maintained the status quo, but the dealer shook it up by burning and turning the {8-Diamonds} to pair Miles.

The {9-Spades} river changed nothing and Miles scored the knockout.

Timothy Miles us 260,000

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