PokerStars WCOOP 2020 2020 PACOOP 2020 WPT World Online Championships
Main Event
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Mark Sandness us 7,080,000 5,080,000
Blake Bohn us Busted
Tyler Caspers us Busted
Peixin Liu us Busted
Dustin Dirksen us Busted
Jon Wurden Busted
Gennady Shimelfarb us Busted
John Wurden Busted
Mike Pfautz Busted
Gennady Shimerfarb Busted
Jeff Petronack us Busted
Kou Vang us Busted
Matt Kirby us Busted
Tim Hoberstad Busted
Steve Pint Busted
James Lawrence Busted
Howard Dion Busted
Andy VanBlair Busted
Mark Powers Busted
Christopher Schulze Busted
Norberto Santamaria us Busted
Ken Cary Busted
Whitney Bell Busted
Yevgeny Minakrin Busted
James Maxie Busted
David Mawdt Busted
Daniel O’Shaughnessy Busted
Rick Schroeder Busted
Nicholas Neve Busted
Jim Lawrence us Busted
Mike Schneider us Busted
Mat Doll Busted
Derek Lesniak Busted
Tim Hoverstad Busted
Tim Votava Busted
Adam Dahlin us Busted
Rocky Wylie Busted
Keith Doering Busted
Matthew Jenkins Busted
Kishore Marimganti Busted
Todd "Sharkslayerr" Breyfogle Updated
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Ric Cacho Busted
Eddie Bryant Updated
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Taylor Tollefson Busted
Todd Breyfogle Busted
Dan Stromer Busted
Duane Anderson us Busted
John Wilhelmy Busted
Blaise Poupone Busted
Bill Gallup Busted
Jason Hartwig us Busted
Eric Eelkema us Busted
Brady Burgraff Busted
William Records Busted
Ernest Garrett Updated
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Kenny Fleming Updated
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Donald Winter Busted
Mark Hodge us Busted
James Maxey Busted
David Mandt Busted
Steve Belland us Busted
Marc Kenville Busted
Henry Korent Busted
Roger Nordgren Busted
Erik Burton Busted
Christopher Scholze Busted
Brian Zupancich us Busted
Rob Wazwaz us Busted
James Vincent Updated
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John Hayes us Busted
Craig Fierke Busted
Daniel O'Shaughnessy Busted
Dave Haberman Busted
Larry Ormson us Busted
Russ Louwagie Busted
Reg Powell us Busted
Marc Powers Busted
Eric Loehr Updated
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Rodger Johnson us Busted
Jeff Fielder us Busted
George Shabatura Busted
Dennis Stevermer us Busted
Jeff Anderson Busted
Ahmad Ouda Busted
Nick Neve Busted
Chris Pierce Busted
Sam Hanson us Busted
Lance Harris Busted
John Xiong Busted
Robby Westrom us Busted
David Gonia us Busted
Michael Pankow Busted
Joshua Lohrke Busted
Thao Thiem us Busted
Jared Koppel us Busted
Gary Swangstue Busted
Ryan Heer Busted
Jeff Hansen Busted
Tyler Loney us Busted
Michael Fay Busted
Dustin Manseau Updated
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Derek Crooks us Busted
Judd Greenagel Busted
Brian Zekus us Busted
Ken Payne Busted
Jack Petschl Busted
Dan McCabe Busted
Rick Rothausen Busted
Josh Hagstrom Busted
Bob Beedle Busted
Jason Sell us Busted
Terry Ring Busted
Matt Sztamborski Busted
Darrin Hughes Busted
Dustin Winter Busted
Joe Matheson us Busted
Mike Meneely Busted
Zachary Turner Busted
Doug Jaques Busted
Kye Longtin Busted
Troy Lund Busted
Ryan Hohenstein us Busted
Gerrit Wierbosi Busted
Jeff Viergutz Busted
Heid Roggenkamp Busted
Erik Eelkema Busted
Anthony Swanson Busted
Josh Hofschulte Busted
Tim Wishbone Busted
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