Main Event

A Unique Bubble Situation

[user269803] • Level 18: 3,000-6,000, 1,000 ante
Isidro Sandoval - Bubble Boy

Players only had to play a total of three hands before the bubble burst. The interesting part is, the bubble boy didnt even play his hand that he technically bubbled with.

Isidro Sandoval started Day 2 with 81,000 in chips, but he never actually took his seat or played a hand. So despite the fact that there were many short stacks, Sandoval only had three total hands before he was forced all in.

"I only have 30,000, I wouldn't play trip aces if you dealt them to me right now," one player said.

On the third hand, Sandoval was all in "blind" in the big blind. The dealer confirmed with the floor that since the player was not in their seat at the beginning of the hand , their hand was dead and they were officially the bubble. If any other hand did play out resulting in another player's elimination, that player would still be in the money since the shortest chip stack (Sandoval) would be the bubble.

"MSPT Eric" Anderson said, "This is definitely a first for us. I've never seen this before."

It definitely is a unique situation and one that many short stacked players were able to take advantage of in order to inch their way into the money.

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Isidro Sandoval
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