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MSPT Canterbury Park $1,110 Main Event

Rory Linton Eliminated in 4th Place ($63,582)

AnthonyThompson • Level 30: 100,000-150,000, 30,000 ante
Rory Linton

Matt Morfitt raised to 350,000 from the button and was called by Andy Jenc from the small blind before Rory Linton squeezed for 1,665,000 from the big blind.

Morfitt as did Jenc and the {8-Clubs}{8-Spades}{5-Clubs}{6-Diamonds} board was checked down to the {4-Clubs} river where Jenc check-folded after Morfitt fired out 2 million.

Morfitt quickly showed {q-Clubs}{7-Clubs} for the queen-high flush while Linton mucked {a-Clubs}{j-Spades} and took his exit in fourth place for $63,582.

Player Chips Progress
Matt Morfitt us
Matt Morfitt
us 14,950,000 2,400,000
Andy Jenc US
Andy Jenc
US 6,100,000 1,250,000
Kyna England us
Kyna England
us 5,000,000 -680,000
Rory Linton US
Rory Linton
US Busted

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