2022 888poker XL Winter Series WSOPC Rozvadov
€1,000,000 Big One For One Drop

Hands #70-72: Anatoly Gurtovoy Gains Some Chips

[user253725] • Level 18: 300,000-600,000, 100,000 ante

Hand #70: Elton Tsang raised 1,300,000 and everyone else folded.

Hand #71: Anatoly Gurtovoy raised to 1,800,000 from the small blind and Elton Tsang called from the big blind. The flop came {7-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}{3-Hearts} and Gurtovoy checked. Tsang bet 1,500,000 and Gurtovoy called. Both players checked the {j-Diamonds} on the turn and the river was the {j-Clubs}. Gurtovoy led out for 2,000,000 and Tsang called.

Gurtovoy showed {a-Diamonds}{j-Hearts} for trips and Tsang mucked.

Hand #72: Action folded to Elton Tsang in the small blind. He looked over at Cary Katz's stack, then told Katz, "I like you, man" and folded his cards.

Player Chips Progress
Elton Tsang cn
Elton Tsang
cn 66,275,000 -3,800,000
Anatoly Gurtovoy RU
Anatoly Gurtovoy
RU 27,825,000 5,300,000

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