HK$1,000,000 Short Deck Ante-Only

Dwan Bluffs Off to Yong Who Takes Over the Lead

MrCleverFox • Level 12: 0-0, 15,000 ante
Richard Yong

Tom Dwan raised to 130,000 from under the gun with {J-Spades}{10-Spades} and Richard Yong called with {A-Hearts}{Q-Clubs}.

The flop was {Q-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{9-Diamonds} and Dwan put out a bet of 140,000. Yong called.

The turn was the {10-Clubs} and both players checked to see the {A-Clubs} on the river. There Dwan put out a bet of 450,000 and Yong called promptly with his two pair. Dwan dropped to under two million after the hand.

Player Chips Progress
Richard Yong my
Richard Yong
my 3,100,000 1,310,000
Tom Dwan us
Tom Dwan
us 1,900,000 -400,000

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