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Defending Champion Richard Hopes for More Success...For His Girlfriend!

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Otto Richard

It's always interesting to see how defending champions approach returning to the site of quite possibly their finest hour in poker, and Otto Richard is no exception.

"I was a bit stressed today I have to say," he told us on break in the Main Event. "I mean, I do for most tournaments, but more so today than for the High Roller yesterday for some reason.

"Maybe it's because I had a bit to drink yesterday, I'm not sure!"

Already on his second bullet, Richard says that he's "not even disappointed" after losing out in a hand against Franck Besnard aka Captain Vodka. In fact, Richard was spotted taking a selfie with Besnard as the pair headed out on break.

"I still have six entries [total] and I'm quite happy to lose against someone like Captain Vodka rather than anyone else. I know that he played the hand well and I didn't so he deserves it."

Otto Richard Winamax Poker Open Dublin
Otto Richard Winamax Poker Open Dublin

Richard says that he's here in Dublin with his girlfriend, so any off-the-felt activities such as the Beer Pong tournament might be kept on the down-low. Instead, he'll be cheering on his girlfriend at the tables.

"I'd really like for her to win something," he said. "She's just starting as a player; new blood with the money from last year! I've seen her play quite a few times and she's intelligent and has a good chance."

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Otto Richard
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