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Harvey Nips Duhamel Again

AnTh0nyWTF • Level 4: 300-600, 600 ante

Yannick Harvey came back from the first break of the day as the chipleader but has had his stack cut in half since.

Harvey is looking to start building again after taking down another pot against Jonathan Duhamel.

Harvey limped from the small blind and Duhamel raised to 1,800 from the big blind. Harvey called and the two saw a flop of {5-Hearts}{4-Clubs}{8-Clubs}. Harvey check-called a bet of 2,500 from the World Champion and the {3-Hearts} fell on the turn.

Both players checked to bring the {q-Diamonds} on the river and both checked once again. Harvey tabled {8-Hearts}{10-Hearts} and Duhamel mucked.

Player Chips Progress
Yannick Harvey CA
Yannick Harvey
CA 143,000 -122,000
Jonathan Duhamel ca
Jonathan Duhamel
ca 46,000 -14,000

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