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NL Hold'em Shootout

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Prize Pool 6,500 CAD
NL Hold'em Shootout
Day 1 Completed

Douglas Paulson Wins Event #25: $110 No-Limit Hold em Shootout


Douglas Paulson has won Event #25 of the World Cup of Cards at Playground Poker Club. The event was a $110 No-Limit Hold em Shootout and had a cap of 100 players. The tournament filled quickly and each of the final tablists won their first table to make the money.

Here is a breakdown of the final table payouts:

PlaceNamePrize (CAD)
1Douglas Paulson2,000
2Chad Coombs1,800
3David Vallee2,000
4David Cadoche1,100
5Mark Howie820
6Buddy Villaluz630
7Michael St Martin480
8Kahled Baalbki370
9Glen Hammers280
10Tomislav Pavkovic220

First, Tomislav Pavkovic was eliminated. He lost a big pot to Buddy Villaluz, who had the nut flush against Pavkovic’s second-nut flush. He would be eliminated shortly after by Chad Coombs.

Next to go was Glen Hammers. Villaluz rivered a flush with ace-queen suited against the pocket fives of Hammers to send him home in ninth place. Villaluz eliminated his second player in a row when he got all in again with ace-queen. This time is was Kahled Baalbaki who held ace-jack. Despite turning a jack, he was still eliminated when Villaluz hit a queen on the river.

Michael St Martin finished in seventh place after doubling up through, then eventually busting to Paulson. The first time he had ace-king against the pocket threes of Paulson. The next time he got in behind with ace-ten against ace-jack and couldn’t catch up.

Then it was Villaluz going out in sixth place after shoving tens intoDavid Vallee’s queens. Villaluz had doubled a couple people up and was now at risk. He couldn’t catch up with the queens of Vallee and was eliminated in sixth place.

Mark Howie finished in fifth place. He shoved from the small blind with king high and Vallee called from the big with ace-king. Neither player connected with the board and Howie was eliminated.

Four-handed Chad Coombs was the short stack by far. He got in several times behind and either chopped or won the pot. He chopped two times while at risk with six high, then seven high. He chopped with ace-eight v. ace-eight v. king-ten suited. Finally, he got more chips than David Cadoche and Coombs eliminated Cadoche. Cadoche had king high against the ace-jack.

The players immediately made a deal. Vallee would get $2,000 and Coombs and Paulson would both take $1,800.

Vallee busted in third to Coombs, who was now in the chip lead. He had a big lead heading into heads up play with Paulson.

Despite Coombs seemingly being unable to lose, he would ultimately finish in second place. He got all in ahead with ace-jack against the queen-ten suited of Paulson. Paulson would flop a ten and go on to win the tournament and ultimately the extra $200.

This was Event #25 of the World Cup of Cards. The WCC is coming to a close with the final three days of the series this week. PokerNews will be here throughout the festival, bringing you all the news, updates, and photos. Follow @pokernews on Twitter for live updates, Periscope broadcasts, and more. Also, follow PokerNews on Facebook and Instagram.

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Chad Coombs Eliminated in 2nd Place ($1,800) (full)

Chad Coombs
Chad Coombs

Chad Coombs dodged elimination all night. He chopped two times at risk, once with seven high and another time with six high. Finally his luck ran out and he got in ahead with {a-}{j-} against the {q-Hearts}{10-Hearts} of Douglas Paulson.

Paulson would hit a ten on the flop and stay ahead, eliminating Coombs in second place. Coombs took home CAD $1,800 as part of the deal the players made three-handed.

Douglas Paulson 1,500,000 1,000,000
Chad Coombs Busted

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David Vallee Eliminated in 3rd Place ($2,000)

David Vallee
David Vallee

David Vallee just locked up $2,000 and then busted to Chad Coombs. Coombs came from the shortest stack six-handed and would knock out Vallee and take the chip lead going into heads-up play.

Vallee took a little bit more from the deal. The other two players have $1,800 locked up and are now playing for $200 more.

David Vallee Busted

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Three-Way Deal


After David Cadoche was eliminated in fourth place the three remaining players made a deal.

Cadoche was all in against Chad Coombs. He had {k-}{10-} against the ace-jack of Coombs. Coombs hit a jack on the turn and won the hand.

Then the players agreed to a deal that would give David Vallee $2,000 and Coombs and Paulson $1,800 each. They would play for the remaining $200 and the WCC trophy.

Mark Howie Eliminated in 5th Place ($820)

Mark Howie
Mark Howie

Mark Howie's standard open for the last level of the tournament was a shove. On this hand, he shoved from the small blind with {k-Clubs}{6-Clubs} and David Vallee called from the big blind with {a-Spades}{k-Spades}.

Neither player hit the board, and Vallee took the pot with ace high. Howie was eliminated in fifth place and took home CAD $820.

David Vallee 760,000 580,000
David Cadoche 333,000 110,000
Douglas Paulson 330,000 56,000
Chad Coombs 75,000 -36,000
Mark Howie Busted

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Michael St Martin Eliminated in 7th Place ($480)

Michael St Martin
Michael St Martin

Michael St Martin doubled up through Douglas Paulson with ace-king against pocket threes. Then a couple hands later, the two got all in again. This time St Martin was behind with ace-ten versus ace-jack.

He could not catch up and Paulson won the hand. St Martin took home CAD $480 for his seventh place finish.

Michael St Martin Busted

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Kahled Baalbaki Eliminated in 8th Place ($370), Buddy Villaluz Heating Up

Kahled Baalbaki
Kahled Baalbaki

Kahled Baalbaki was eliminated in eighth place. Baalbaki was the second player eliminated by Buddy Villaluz, who leads the final seven players with 486,000.

The two got all in preflop and it was Villaluz with the better hand, holding ace-queen. Baalbaki had ace-jack. The board ran out and put a jack on the turn, but Villaluz spiked a queen on the river to take the pot and eliminated Baalbaki.

Baalbaki took home CAD $370 for his eighth place finish.

Buddy Villaluz 486,000 164,000
Kahled Baalbaki Busted

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