World Cup of Cards

2016 Playground Poker Club World Cup of Cards

Event Schedule

Thursday, August 18 through Wednesday, September 14, 2016  Place: Playground Poker Club, 1500 Québec 138, Kahnawake, QC J0L 1B0

Finished Events

Winner Winning Hand Prize Runner-up Losing Hand
NL Hold'em 8-Max Bounty axqx 5,121 CAD Marcello Simonetti kx10x
NL Hold'em Freeze 88 1,995 CAD Borislav Angelov 45
Limit Hold'em ax4x 1,438 CAD Marc-Oliver Crete kx10x
NL Hold'em Shootout q10 2,000 CAD Chad Coombs axjx
CPPT World Cup of Cards j10 110,000 CAD Tomas Larivee Magni q5
No-Limit 50-50 Bounty 6-Max aq 4,226 CAD Daniell Andelman a3
NL Hold'em 8-Max q3 76,830 CAD Pierre-Paul Paulin
Dealer's Choice 8-Max a5 4,326 CAD Felix-Antoine Legault k9
NL Hold'em 8-Max a10 2,090 CAD Mario Page q10
NL Hold'em Deepstack Turbo aq 2,651 CAD Erim Gulec a10
PPC World Cup of Cards 7,980 CAD Nimer Ltaif
NL Hold'em Seniors' Tournament 50+ 5,490 CAD Allan Petitclerc
Canadian Grand Prix 79 49,385 CAD Paul Mohorea q10
NL Crazy Pineapple ax10x 2,162 CAD Hrair Yapoudjian jx10x
PL 5-Card Omaha 6-Max Re-entry aq862 2,352 CAD Nicolas Valette-Heiler 64629
NL Hold'em 50/50 Bounty q8 4,405 CAD Martin Nguyen j9
NL Hold'em Win the Button a7 2,099 CAD Andrew Nortcliff k9
Mixed (NLHE, PLO) Re-entry a75 2,950 CAD Glen Meehan kqk4
Dealer's Choice 8-Max 62638 2,038 CAD Marcello Simonetti a9625
NL Hold'em 6-Max a10 7,050 CAD Michael Levy k10
NL Hold'em Big Ante q6 2,111 CAD Alim Ismal a3
NL Crazy Pineapple Bounty a5 4,500 CAD Martin Welch kq
All-Stars for Starlight 33 15,967 CAD Chales La Boissonniere kj
PL Omaha 8 (Hi/Lo) 10kkj 3,113 CAD Ryan Fisher a346
NL Hold'em Freeze 77 3,462 CAD Andrej Markovinovic ak
PL Omaha Freeze j1067 5,100 CAD Steve Daraiche q338
NL Hold'em Bounty Builder a5 3,766 CAD Sebastien Poirier 67
WPT National Montreal 107 70,794 CAD Jeffrey Cormier q8
NL Hold'em Quantum 7x7x 50,000 CAD Armand King ax9x