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NL Hold'em Deepstack Turbo

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Prize Pool 5,000 CAD
NL Hold'em Deepstack Turbo
Day 1 Completed

Three Wins for Dave Jeanneau-Cyr, Takes Down Event #19: No-Limit Deepstack Turbo ($2,651)

Dave Jeanneau-Cyr Wins Third WCC Trophy
Dave Jeanneau-Cyr Wins Third WCC Trophy

Dave Jeanneau-Cyr just won his third tournament at the World Cup of Cards at Playground Poker Club. His third win came in Event #19: $110 No-Limit Hold em Deepstack Turbo. He bested a field of 113 players to win his third WCC title.

The tournament was set to pay 12 players, but the players made a deal to pay the bubble. Here is the payout breakdown.

PlacePlayerPrize (CAD)
1Dave Jeanneau-Cyr2,651
2Erim Gulec2,000
3Tyler Lee1,550
4Dominic Jipos1,180
5Goran Brestovac900
6Yves Plante690
7Melvin Gibson520
8David Martinez400
9Reginald Vigneau300
10Michel D230
11Matthew Bracanovic230
12Driss Aber210
13Andrew Noble100

The final table we fairly quick, but slower than you might imagine and the tournament ended when the average stack was less than five big blinds.

Reginald Vigneau finished ninth, busting to Yves Plante after getting all in preflop with king-high versus ace-high. Then David Martinez was at risk in a three-way pot. Yves Plante and Dominic Jipos checked down the board and Jipos turned over a straight to win the pot, beating the queen-high of Martinez.

Melvin Gibson felt his elimination was coming when he shoved all in with ace-queen and got called by Jeanneau-Cyr with ace-jack. The jack came on the flop and Gibson's premonition was confirmed as he was eliminated in seventh place.

Jipos then busted Yves Plante and Goran Brestovac in quick succession. Both times Jipos has ace-high and both times he hit an ace to win the hand and eliminated Plante in sixth and Brestovac in fifth.

The players played four-handed for quite a while considering the fast-paced structure of the tournament. Finally, Tyler Lee sent Jipos home when he won a race with ace-king, beating the pocket nines of Jipos.

Three-handed, Erim Gulec doubled up Jeanneau-Cyr and was left with less than a big blind. He got all in two times with ace-high and won both of them. He eventually worked his stack up enough to eliminate Tyler Lee in second place. Lee had four-high against the jack-high of Gulec and Gulec won the pot, leaving him heads up with Jeanneau-Cyr.

The heads up portion of the tournament didn't last too long, on the final hand, Jeanneau-Cyr won the tournament when both players flopped an ace, but Jeanneau-Cyr held the better kicker.

Jeaneau-Cyr took home his third WCC trophy in what he said was only the seventh event he played in during the series. Because he hasn't played many of the events, he is pretty low on the tournament leaderboard, but he is definitely the most efficient player of the series so far. He was the first, and only, player to win twice and now he has won for a third time. His first win was in the Dealer's Choice Tournament for $2,038 earlier in the series, and then he won the Crazy Pineapple tournament for $2,162.

There is still more than a week to go for Jeanneau-Cyr to possibly claim a fourth trophy and perhaps work his way up the leaderboard.

This was event #19 of the World Cup of Cards at Playground Poker Club. The WCC is a month-long tournament festival just outside of Montreal, QC. PokerNews will be here throughout the festival, bringing you all the news, updates, and photos. Follow @pokernews on Twitter for live updates, Periscope broadcasts, and more. Also, follow PokerNews on Facebook and Instagram.

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Erim Gulec Eliminated in 2nd Place ($2,000) (full)

Erim Gulec
Erim Gulec

Erim Gulec was eliminated in second place when he got all in preflop against Dave Jeanneau-Cyr with {a-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}. Jeanneau-Cyr had {a-Clubs}{q-Clubs}.

The board ran out {a-Spades}{j-Spades}{9-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds} and Jeanneau-Cyr won the hand and the tournament. Gulec, who had less than a big blind three-handed managed to come back and eliminate Tyler Lee in third, but couldn't beat Jeanneau-Cyr heads up. Gulec earned CAD $2,000 for his second place finish.

Dave Jeanneau-Cyr 2,825,000 1,225,000

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Tyler Lee Eliminated in 3rd Place ($1,550)

Tyler Lee
Tyler Lee

Tyler Lee was eliminated in third place by Erim Gulec. Just twenty minutes earlier, Gulec had less than a big blind against Lee and turned over {a-}{k-}. He doubled, then doubled again, and kept doubling until finally he had Lee covered.

Lee shoved from the small blind with {4-}{3-} and Gulec called with {j-}{6-}. Lee couldn't connect with the board and was eliminated in second place.

Now Gulec is heads up with a slight chip deficit to Dave Jeanneau-Cyr, who has already won two of the World Cup of Cards events.

Dave Jeanneau-Cyr 1,600,000 350,000
Erim Gulec 1,200,000 725,000
Tyler Lee Busted

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Yves Plante Eliminated in 6th Place ($690), Goran Brestovac Eliminated in 5th Place ($900)

Dominic Jipos just busted two players
Dominic Jipos just busted two players

Yves Plante was eliminated by Dominic Jipos. Jipos pocket tens against the {a-}{7-} of Plante. Jipos turned a full house, which didn't matter because Plante failed to connect with the flop and was eliminated in sixth place.

Right after that, Jipos sent another short stack hoime. Goran Brestovac was eliminated in fifth place by the {a-}{q-} of Jipos. He hit an ace on the flop and Brestovac couldn't catch up.

Dominic Jipos 560,000 85,000
Yves Plante Busted
Goran Brestovac Busted

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Melvin Gibson Eliminated in 7th Place ($520) (full)

Melvin Gibson
Melvin Gibson

Melvin Gibson was eliminated when he shoved all in for about 280,000 and Dave Jeanneau-Cyr called. Gibson was ahead with {a-}{q-} against the {a-}{j-} of Jeanneau-Cyr, but seemed to think he was going to lose.

"Here the ace queen I have been knocked out of the last five tournaments with," he said as he tabled his hand.

As if on queue, the flop came {j-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{9-Clubs} and put him behind. The turn, {8-Spades}, and the river, {5-Clubs}, were no help and Gibson was eliminated in seventh place. He took home CAD $520 for his seventh place finish.

Shortly after Gibson's elimination, Dominic Jipos doubled through Yves Plante. Plante shoved the small blind with ten-high and Jipos called with {a-Spades}{k-Spades}. Jipos won the hand and left Plante very short. He doubled on the next hand to get back over 100,000.

Dave Jeanneau-Cyr 1,140,000 750,000
Dominic Jipos 475,000 170,000
Erim Gulec 425,000 100,000
Tyler Lee 340,000 32,000
Goran Brestovac 285,000 3,000
Yves Plante 100,000 -570,000

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