$2,200 Six-Max No-Limit Hold'em

The Magic Man

donpeters • Level 4: 100-200, 0 ante

Michael Wang raised to 450 from the cutoff seat, and Antonio Esfandiari called on the button. The player in the big blind reraised all in for 1,950, and Wang made the call. Esfandiari then reraised to 4,400, and that knocked Wang out of the way.

Esfandiari had the {A-Clubs}{10-Spades}, and the all-in player had the {J-Hearts}{J-Diamonds}.

The flop, turn, and river ran out {A-Diamonds}{Q-Clubs}{9-Hearts}{Q-Hearts}{10-Clubs} to give Esfandiari the pot.

Player Chips Progress
Antonio Esfandiari us
Antonio Esfandiari
us 17,000 5,700
Michael Wang us
Michael Wang
us 16,500 10,500

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