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€4,500 Championship Main Event

Event Info

Players 416

Level Info

Level 29
Blinds 40,000 / 80,000
Ante 10,000

Seat Order

Here's how the final two tables are laid out:

Table 1
1. empty
2. Eoghan O'Dea
3. Hichem Ben Halima
4. Patrick Meurisse
5. Kerem Kiyak
6. Yury Kerzhapkin
7. Ludovic Lacay
8. Tsan Sadnhi
9. Balazs Botond

Table 2
1. Tristan Clemencon
2. Benny Spindler
3. Christophe Savary
4. Azziz Abdelmalki
5. Adrian Marin
6. Stefan Hansen
7. Benjamin Pollak
8. Julien Arneodo
9. Stephane Dahan

Welcome Back To The Final Day Of WPT Marrakech!

It's the last day of WPT Marrakech, there's 17 players left with Ludovic Lacay still the chip leader holding 1,389,000. Almost two years to the day, the Frenchman came 2nd in WPT Barcelona, can he go one step further this time? Or will Yury Kerzhapkin, Benny Spindler or one of our other players stop him and claim the title for their own?

Play will begin in about 20 minutes or so, and unlike other WPT's, this final table will be nine-handed instead of six-handed.