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Main Event

Fara and Andrejevic Both Flop Top Pair

Webjoker • Level 32: 75,000-150,000, 25,000 ante

Tomas Fara on the button made it 350,000 with the {8-Clubs}{6-Hearts} and Andjelko Andrejevic called with {10-Hearts}{8-Hearts}.

The flop came {5-Hearts}{3-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} and Andrejevic checked. Fara bet 375,000 and Andrejevic check raised to 850,000. Fara made the call.

The {7-Diamonds} on the turn saw Andrejevic bet 750,000. Fara called.

With the {2-Diamonds} completing the board, both players checked. The 3,950,000 pot went to Andrejevic.

Player Chips Progress
Andjelko Andrejevic us
Andjelko Andrejevic
us 7,050,000 2,590,000
Tomas Fara cz
Tomas Fara
cz 2,490,000 -2,590,000

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