Main Event

Gilboa Yossi Eliminated in 9th Place ($26,240)

Gilboa Yossi

Gilboa Yossi's tournament has just come to an abrupt end when he moved all-in straight into an overpair held by Romania's Victor Paraschiv.

Yossi was all-in and at risk of elimination with {8-Clubs}{8-Hearts} and Paraschiv held {10-Clubs}{10-Hearts}. By the river the board read {a-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{7-Clubs}{3-Hearts}{9-Spades}. Paraschiv was delighted to win the pot and with Yossi's elimination were are just two bust outs from our official final table.

Player Chips Progress
Victor Paraschiv ro
Victor Paraschiv
ro 1,720,000 582,000
Gilboa Yossi
Gilboa Yossi

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