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Main Event

Cliffs Notes for Table 25

Shamus • Level 3: 75-150, 0 ante

"You're saying you didn't have 'Hong Kong Phooey'?!"

They're enjoying themselves at Table 25, where the above statement of incredulity caused us to stop for a moment as we made our rounds. From there ensued a discussion of players' places of birth, and when one identified himself as Canadian lots of friendly joshing ensued. That's when the player from Canada came over to catch us up on what was happening.

"Lemme give you the Cliffs Notes," he began with a grin. "Seat 1 is a bigot, Seat 4 is an a**hole, and I'm the obnoxious Canadian." The table broke up in laughter. "These are the good guys right here," indicating seats 6-9, "and those are the bad guys," pointing across the table.

Very helpful, the way he divided the table like that… with a Hong Kong Phooey chop (hi-ya!).