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Trevor Deeter Eliminated in 6th Place ($23,448)

[user249964] • Level 28: 15,000-30,000, 5,000 ante
Trevor Deeter - 6th Place

The action folded around the table to Mark Bonsack in the small blind. Electing to raise to 80,000, Bonsack got reraised by Trevor Deeter's all in of 575,000. Bonsack snap-called and their cards were turned up:

Deeter: {k-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}
Bonsack: {a-Hearts}{10-Clubs}

Bonsack's ace high was leading for the moment and the {2-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}{j-Clubs} flop left Deeter needing to catch a king or eight. Deeter would not get lucky as the {j-Spades} and {10-Diamonds} peeled off on the turn and river.

Deeter, a 29-year-old native of Longhorne, PA, finished in sixth place for $23,448.

Player Chips Progress
Mark Bonsack us
Mark Bonsack
us 1,300,000 500,000
Trevor Deeter
Trevor Deeter

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