2020 World Series of Poker Circuit Thunder Valley

$3,250 High Roller
Days: 1

Stamm's Queens Take Down Miller's Jacks

Level 4 : 100-200, 200 ante
David Stamm
David Stamm

Glenn Miller opened to 500 from hijack, David Stamm three-bet to 1,500 from the cutoff, and Miller called.

Miller check-called bets for 1,600 on the {3-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}{5-Hearts} flop, and 6,000 on the {8-Spades} turn.

Both players checked the {a-Diamonds} river, and Stamm showed {q-Diamonds}{q-Clubs} to the best of Miller's {j-Hearts}{j-}.

Player Chips Progress
David Stamm us
David Stamm
48,000 8,000
Glenn Miller ie
Glenn Miller