Event #32: GGMasters HR Freezeout $1,050, $1.5M [WSOP Ring]

Sarigins Doubles With Kings Full

connorrichards • Level 47: 100,000-200,000, 25,000 ante

In a single-raised pot that checked through on the {6-Spades}{j-Clubs}{10-Spades} flop, Vladimirs "justVOL" Sarigins bet 445,000 in the small blind and "TonyLin008" jammed with their opponent covered. Sarigins called.

Vladimirs "justVOL" Sarigins: {k-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}
"onyLin008": {10-Hearts}{6-Clubs}

Sarigins had the better two-pair and improved to a full house on the {k-Spades} river.

Player Chips Progress
TonyLin008 hk
hk 7,419,712 319,256
Vladimirs "justVOL" Sarigins LV
Vladimirs "justVOL" Sarigins
LV 6,480,288 -319,256