WSOPC Marrakech Main Event

FPS Aix Winner Apicella Table in Action

FlorenceMazet • Level 2: Blinds 100-100, 100 ante

"RGR" opened for 300 under the gun, Isabel Baltazar called in middle position, and David Foucault three-bet to 800 from the next seat. Both opponents called.

The flop revealed {q-Hearts}{j-Hearts}{3-Hearts} , Foulcaut continued for 1,100, only "RGR" called.

On the turn {5-Hearts}, both players checked.

And on the river {a-Diamonds}, "RGR" took the lead for 1,200, Foucault called and mucked when "RGR" showed {j-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}.

At the same table, Corsican player Anthony Apicella is in contention, few weeks after his FPS victory in Aix-en-Provence.

Player Chips Progress
35,000 35,000
Anthony Apicella FR
Anthony Apicella
FR 30,000 30,000
David Foucault fr
David Foucault
fr 28,000 28,000

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