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Event 44 - $2,000 Omaha Hi Lo
Event 44 - $2,000 Omaha Hi Lo
Day 2 Completed

Official Final Table Seating Assignments and Chip Counts

Our final table for Event #44 ($2,000 Omaha Hi-Lo) is set. Players will return at 2 p.m. PDT tomorrow to play down to a winner. Marcel Luske is the chip leader with 427,000 and Stuart "the donator" Paterson is the short stack at 58,000.

Here are the official final table seating assignments and chip counts:

Seat 1- Martin Corpuz, Jr. 292,000
Seat 2- Ming Lee 373,000
Seat 3- Mitch Maples 70,000
Seat 4- Thang Luu 238,000
Seat 5- Jess Robinson 255,000
Seat 6- Frankie O'Dell 318,000
Seat 7- Marcel Luske 427,000
Seat 8- Marvin Ryan 104,000
Seat 9- Stuart Paterson 58,000

This final table will also be broadcast live at, albeit without hole card cameras.

John Juanda Eliminated in 10th Place ($9,719)

John Juanda raised from middle position and Thang Luu called from the small blind. The flop was {A-Hearts}{10-Spades}{8-Diamonds}. Luu bet, Juanda raised all in, and Luu called.

Juanda {A-Diamonds}{3-Spades}{3-Clubs}{7-Spades}
Luu {4-Spades}{6-Spades}{10-Hearts}{10-Clubs}

The turn was the {9-Clubs}, the river was the {Q-Hearts} and Luu's set of tens took it down, eliminating Juanda on the final table bubble.

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Lee vs. Luske

Ming Lee limped from UTG, Marcel Luske limped from late position, and Martin Corpuz checked his option in the big blind. The flop was {A-Hearts}{J-Spades}{9-Clubs}. Lee bet, Luske called, and Corpuz folded. The turn was the {5-Diamonds} and both players checked. The river was the {A-Clubs}. Lee checked, Luske bet, and Lee called.

Luske 7-8-T-Q
Lee A-2-4-8

Lee's trip aces were good to take it down.

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Luu and Robinson Split

Thang Luu raised pre-flop, Jess Robinson three-bet and Luu called. The flop was {A-Diamonds}{K-Hearts}{4-Clubs}. Luu bet, Robinson raised, Luu re-raised, and Robinson called all in.

Robinson {A-Clubs}{A-Hearts}{5-Spades}{J-Spades}
Luu {A-Diamonds}{A-Spades}{3-Spades}{K-Spades}

The turn was the {9-Diamonds}, the river was the {5-Diamonds}, and they split the pot, both with a set of aces.

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Juanda Again

John Juanda raised pre-flop and Thang Luu called. The flop was {A-Spades}{10-Clubs}{9-Clubs}. Juanda went all in and Luu folded.

Juanda is up to 75,000 but is still the short stack.

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Juanda Rivers Another Wheel

John Juanda just keeps hanging on. All in with {A-Clubs}{3-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{J-Hearts} vs. Ming Lee's {A-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}{K-Spades} on a {Q-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}{2-Clubs} board, Juanda was drawing dead to the high but rivered the {3-Spades} to make a wheel and take the low half.

Juanda is still in it with 50,000.

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Juanda Survives With the Wheel

John Juanda raised all in pre-flop and Marvin Maples called.

Juanda {A-Spades}{3-Spades}{6-Hearts}{Q-Spades}
Maples {A-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}

The flop was {8-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} bringing both players the nut low. The turn was the {A-Diamonds} and the river was the {5-Spades}, making both Juanda and Maples the wheel and they split the pot.

Juanda had 50,000 after the hand.

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Our ten remaining players have re-drawn for seats at a single table. Here's the new lineup, complete with chip counts:

Seat 1- Martin Corpuz, Jr. 320,000
Seat 2- Ming Lee 300,000
Seat 3- Mitch Maples 330,000
Seat 4- Thang Luu 500,000
Seat 5- Jess Robinson 150,000
Seat 6- Frankie O'Dell 180,000
Seat 7- Marcel Luske 290,000
Seat 8- Marvin Ryan 175,000
Seat 9- John Juanda 20,000
Seat 10- Stuart Paterson 100,000