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Event 55 - $10,000 World Championship No Limit Holdem

Vinnie Vinh Sighting

Vinnie Vinh on Day 1 of Event #30. He survived to Day 2, but never returned to play his chips.
Vinnie Vinh, who was originally scheduled to play Day 1a, has just been sighted in the Amazon Room at the beginning of the break. He walked up to one of the tournament directors, Jimmy Sommerfeld, shook his hand and said a few words. Then he walked out of the Amazon Room, as all players are required to do during the breaks.

I tracked down Tournament Director Jack Effel for confirmation -- Vinnie Vinh is playing in today's field.

Vinh originally had a chip stack in play early on Day 1a, but it was removed from play when word got out that Vinh was in a hospital. His money would be refunded, and he would be allowed to re-enter the tournament on a later day.

Today, Vinh showed up just minutes before registration closed. He gathered the money together for a new entry fee (there apparently wasn't time to process the refund, or it was in a non-negotiable form like a check), and got in the tournament under the deadline.

We all hope that he is healthy and focused, ready to give 100% of his concentration and skill to the biggest poker tournament of the year.

Vinnie Vinh, the enigma of this year's World Series of Poker, is in the field. Follow his progress with us throughout the day at

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