Event 55 - $10,000 World Championship No Limit Holdem

Allen Cunningham Eliminated

Allen Cunningham
Allen Cunningham and another player limp to see a flop of K-6-3 rainbow. Cunningham check-raises, and his opponent calls the raise. The turn card is a 5, Cunningham bets 20,000, and his opponent calls. The river card is a J, Cunningham moves all in for 19,100, and his opponent calls.

Cunningham shows 6-3 for a flopped two pair, sixes and threes. But his opponent shows K-J, and he rivered a higher two pair, kings and jacks, to win the pot.

Allen Cunningham -- the 2005 WSOP Player of the Year, the fourth-place finisher of this event last year, and the guy who won his third bracelet in three years at this year's WSOP -- has been eliminated.

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