Event 7 - $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha w/ rebuys

One More Bustout

We have ten players left and action will not stop until one more player busts out.

Juanda Slide

Over the past hour, John Juanda's stack has been slowly evaporating. He's lost several small pots to Erik Cajelais and Larry Jonsson. He had over 1M at one point, but has lost about 50% of his chips since he surpassed that mark and jumped out to a huge lead.

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Updated Chip Count: 11 Players Remaining

The Devilfish is the chipleader. He's up to 1.3M. The biggest mover in this past level has been Erik Cajelais. He's up to 890K and playing tough and aggressive poker.

1. Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott - 1,310,000
2. Erik Cajelais - 890,000
3. John Juanda - 640,000
4. Larry Jonsson - 530,000
5. Sirous Jamshieli - 490,000
6. Minh Ly - 450,000
7. Robin Keston - 360,000
8. Robert Williamson III - 322,000
9. Burt Boutin - 297,000
10. Andrew Black - 180,000
11. Humberto Brenes - 112,000

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Devilfish was talking to the ESPN camera crew and boasted about his chiplead. He said, "These guys don't know how to spell Omaha."

The Devifish has led a fearless life which translates into his winning playing style.

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Action Slows Down

12 players left and the action has slowed down as the final table bubble approaches. Devilfish is still the leader with almost 1M.

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Erik Cajelais Past 1M

Erik Cajelais continues his rush as he passed the 1M mark after picking up a pot from John Juanda. On a flop of {Q-Hearts}{7-Spades}{3-Clubs}, Juanda bet out 200K and Erik Cajelais came over the top for another 200K. Juanda folded. That was the type of poker that Erik Cajelais had been playing over the past two levels. He's been pushing the players at his table around.

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