2008 World Series of Poker

Event 1 - $10,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em World Championship
Day: 2
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2008 World Series of Poker

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50,000 / 100,000

Event 1 - $10,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em World Championship

Day 2 Completed

Final-table Chip Counts

The chips have now been bagged for the night, following the coloring up and removal of the yellow 1,000-denomination chips and the players' own tally of their chips. Andy Bloch holds the lead with 2,115,000, with the final table set for 3pm on Sunday. Here are the seat assignments and chip counts for the high-powered final:

Seat 1: Mike Sowers 675,000
Seat 2: Chris Bell 455,000
Seat 3: Amit Makhija 525,000
Seat 4: Patrik Antonius 230,000
Seat 5: Andy Bloch 2,115,000
Seat 6: Mike Sexton 1,130,000
Seat 7: Phil Laak 425,000
Seat 8: Nenad Medic 1,200,000
Seat 9: Kathy Liebert 285,000

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Finally, Day 2 Comes to an End

Andy Bloch, chip leader for the final table
Andy Bloch, chip leader for the final table
Day 2 began around 15 hours ago and play has finally come to an end. We began the day with 70 players and John Kabbaj was the last to go before making it down to the final nine-handed table. Full Tilt Poker professional Andy Bloch is atop the leaderboard with a commanding chip lead going into the official final table with over two million in chips.

The final table of the first event at the 2008 World Series of Poker is filled with big names. Patrik Antonius, Phil Laak, Mike Sexton, Kathy Liebert, Chris Bell, and Nenad Medic will all be there to battle for the first bracelet of the year.

Due to the long hours of today, play will resume tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. local time.

See everyone tomorrow!

John Kabbaj Eliminated in 10th Place ($49,632)

John Kabbaj
John Kabbaj
Nenad Medic raised from the cutoff to 85,000. John Kabbaj moved all in from the big blind for 173,000 total and Medic made the call. Kabbaj showed 7-7 and Medic showed Q-J.

The flop came K-10-2. Kabbaj would need to dodge some more outs to stay alive. The turn was another scary card for Kabbaj, as it gave Medic even more outs with another ten hitting the board. And then the river fell a nine and Medic made a king-high straight to win the hand and send us all to bed.

Kabbaj will receive $49,632 for his efforts.

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Gavin Back at It

After Chris Bell doubled with a queen on the river, Gavin Smith got word of it from the cash tables and made his way over to give Bell a pat on the back and say, "Gotta love them ladies!"

Smith wasn't done there, as he began picking on Andy Bloch and his chip stack by throwing ice cubes at Bloch from his drink.

Mike Sexton gave Gavin a gaze, and Smith responded, "What? You wanna go?"

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Nenad Medic Pushes Patrik Antonius Out of a Pot

Every time the word "reraise" is uttered at the table the crowd clusters around, because if the other player decides to go with their hand that probably means an all-in. Patrick Antonius raised to 85,000 and Nenad Medic spent a good minute staring at Antonius while separating chips from his stack for a raise.

When he pushed them forward the dealer announced, "Raise to 300,000." But before the crowd could find good vantage points, Antonius casually removed the chip atop his cards and mucked his hand. He now sits with just 260,000.

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We're Going Home... NOT!

Mike Sowers raised to 85,000 from early position. John Kabbaj reraised to 285,000 and then Chris Bell called all in. Everyone else folded, including Sowers.

Kabbaj: {A-Diamonds}{A-Clubs}
Bell: {Q-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}

The flop and turn didn't help Bell, as it came {2-Spades}{6-Spades}{K-Hearts}{9-Hearts}. It looked like we were all going to be heading home, until the {Q-Spades} snapped off on the river and Bell stayed alive.

Bell is up to 485,000 while Kabbaj has dropped to 220,000.

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Bloch Hits Two Million

Patrik Antonius raised from the button to 85,000 and both players in the blinds, Andy Bloch and Mike Sexton, called. The three players checked the flop and on the turn the board read J-2-4-5. Bloch lead out for 150,000 and both players folded.

Bloch has just landed himself right at the two million chip mark and is the commanding chip leader of the tournament.

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Level: 22

Blinds: 15,000/30,000

Ante: 0

Amit Makhija Doubles Through Patrik Antonius

Amit Makhija raised to 60,000 on the button and Patrik Antonius called in the small blind. The flop came {10-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}{K-Clubs}, Antonius checked, and Makhija bet 80,000. Antonius check-raised to 250,000, and with so few chips behind, Makhija had no choice but to say, "Call."

His {A-Clubs}{6-Hearts} trailed Antonius' K-9, and while the {10-Clubs} that hit on the turn gave Amit a flush draw it was the {A-Hearts} on the river that gave Makhija the pot and kept him alive in the tournament.

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