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Event 18 - $5,000 No-Limit 2-7 Draw w/ Rebuys

Event Info

Players 85

Level Info

Level 25
Blinds 40,000 / 80,000
Ante 20,000

Is Hevad Khan in the House?

Mike Matusow raised the button to 150,000. Jeff Lisandro called. On the draw, each drew one card. Jeff Lisandro then bet 150,000 after the draw. Matusow thought for about ten seconds before making the call with a J-8. It was good.

"Yeah baby!" shouted Matusow, leaping out of his chair again. He ran into the gallery, high-fiving people along the way. All of this excessive celebration has got to be irritating Lisandro.

Mike Matusow on a Roll

Jeffrey Lisandro raised to 200,000 from the button and Mike Matusow made the call. Matusow discarded one while Lisandro needed two more.

After the draw, Matusow bet 200,000 and Lisandro made a quick call. Matusow turned up {9-?} {8-?} {6-?} {3-?} {2-?} and Lisandro mucked.

Matusow's ever-growing gallery of fans applauded as Matusow did his awkward and off-balance victory dance.

Mike Matusow Doubles Up

Matusow doubles up
Matusow doubles up
On the first hand after Greenstein's elimination, Mike Matusow moved all in. Jeff Lisandro, looking to end it, called.

Each player drew one card.

Matusow: 9-6-5-3-x
Lisandro: 10-8-5-2-x

"Let me have him drawing dead," Matusow pleaded as he squeezed his card. "Don't let me double up baby. It's over if I double up." He peeled up the corner of the card.

"You have to make a hand now," he said, looking squarely at Lisandro. He turned up a ten for 10-9-6-5-3.

Lisandro peeled his own card, then flipped it over.

"Pairs the eight!" Matusow yelled jubilantly. He ran around the stage, high-fiving all the spectators who were out of their seats. "Watch out! Lotta heart baby!"

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And Then There Were Two...

Heads Up Play Begins
Heads Up Play Begins
With the elimination of Barry Greenstein, play is now heads up. While the ribbing has been relatively good natured, these two have been on each other throughout the final table. From showing bluffs, to calling with pairs, to excessive celebration, there is more than just cash and a bracelet on the line here. It's quite obvious that these men are playing for pride and bragging rights over the other.

Barry Greenstein Eliminated in 3rd Place ($225,552)

Barry Greenstein Eliminated
Barry Greenstein Eliminated
Mike Matusow folded his button and Barry Greenstein moved all in from the small blind for 330,000. Jeff Lisandro made the call and the audience hopped to their feet. Both players drew one card and then showed:

Greenstein: {9-?} {7-?} {6-?} {2-?}
Lisandro: {10-?} {8-?} {5-?} {4-?}

Greenstein was the first to turn up his card, a {7-?}. He'd made a pair and was in bad shape. Lisandro quickly rolled over his fifth card, an {A-?}. Lisandro's {A-?} low bested Greenstein's pair to bring Barry's day to a premature end.

As he always does, he gracefully walked over and handed Lisandro a signed copy of his book Ace On the River.

Barry Greenstein was eliminated in third place and collect $225,552 for his impressive finish.

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Lisandro's Queen Good Enough

From the small blind, Jeff Lisandro raised to 200,000. He was called by Mike Matusow in the big blind. On the draw, Lisandro took one card and Matusow threw away two aces. Lisandro bet another 200,000 when the draw was completed. Matusow called quickly. It was Q-5 for Lisandro against a king for Matusow. Lisandro picked up a nice pot.

Lisandro Takes A Few More From Greenstein

Jeffrey Lisandro
Jeffrey Lisandro
Mike Matusow folded his button and Barry Greenstein put in a raise to 150,000 from the small blind. Jeffrey Lisandro called from the big blind and they both drew two cards.

Greenstein was first to act and he checked. Lisandro put out a bet of 200,000 and Greenstein folded with little delay. Lisandro stacked the pot.

Jeff Lisandro Doubles Through Barry Greenstein

First hand back from the break, Jeff Lisandro raised to 200,000 on the button. Mike Matusow folded before Barry Greenstein moved all in. Lisandro made the call.

Barry stood pat. Lisandro drew one card.

Barry opened 10-8-7-4-2. Lisandro showed 8-5-4-3. He squeezed it out as slowly as he could, then triumphantly turned over a nine. He and Greenstein have basically switched chip positions on the leaderboard.